• Photo by Roxanne Thompson/The Mexia News
    This old wooden bridge on LCR 182 between Coolidge and Munger, is about to be replaced by the Limestone County Road and Bridge Department. TxDOT recently notified the county that this bridge was supposed to have been replaced in 2013 or 2014, so the county filed for an extension and has begun removing brush so they can get their heavy machinery close enough to do the work.

TxDOT accepts request for extension on building bridge

By Roxanne Thompson Staff Writer

TxDOT Public Information Officer Ken Roberts has confirmed that the extension request Limestone County filed for building a bridge that was supposed to have been done around 2013 has been approved. He also confirmed that there is no kind of penalty for the lag in doing the work.

When the Texas Department of Public Transportation informed Limestone County last month that TxDOT would no longer replace county bridges for at least seven years, no one was sure how the problem could be worked out.

The first notice that there was a problem was at the court’s Sept. 26 meeting, when Limestone County Road Administrator Jerry Herin, who heads the Road and Bridge Department, told commissioners about the problem.

“I got an email from TxDOT about a bridge that was supposed to have been replaced back in 2013 that did not get replaced,” Herin said. “They said they would not honor any more contracts with Limestone County to rebuild bridges until 2024. I asked them why it took them five years to come up with this and why they haven’t notified us; and that we’ve had a change in head office management. He couldn’t answer the question.”

Herin asked his TxDOT contact what he could do to get the county back on track, then followed his contact’s suggestion, filing for an extension on the work. The TxDOT authority who was to decide whether or not to accept the extension request, however, was on vacation. In the mean time, Herin hoped for a positive outcome on the request and had his employees begin work on the old wooden bridge that did not get replaced, which is on LCR 182, off State Hwy. 171 at Munger.

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