Groesbeck Elementary and Intermediate students raise money for American Heart Association

By Stephen R. Farris
Journal Staff

It was a day of excitement and celebration inside the gym at Enge-Washington Intermediate School last Thursday, as students sang songs and danced to music along with mascot “Rory the Lion” before presenting a check for $21,880 to the American Heart Association.
The money was raised through “Jump Rope for Heart” at H.O. Whitehurst and “Hoops for Heart” at Enge-Washington.
This was the second highest amount ever raised, according to Lori Kelley, during the 18 years the schools have been participating in Jump and Hoops.
Shannon MacLemore, a representative with AHA, was on hand to receive the check for the association and to thank the kids personally for an outstanding job this year.
Ronda Roberts, a P.E. aide at Whitehurst, dressed up in the mascot outfit and played a major part as a motivator to get students to raise donations as “Rory the Lion.”
The top two donation collectors for Enge-Washington were Rylee Milstead ($585) and Emili Sullivan ($295). Top two collectors for Whitehurst were Zoe Platt ($1,175) and Garrett Milstead ($500).
Each of the four students were presented with medals during the afternoon program.
Students that participated in the fundraiser campaign were given prizes as well.

Medals were presented to four students that raised the most money for the American Heart Association last Thursday afternoon, during a ceremony held at Enge-Washington gym. Pictured in back are mascot “Rory the Lion” (Ronda Roberts), coach Jim Tubbs and coach Lori Kelley. Middle row, left to right, is Rylee Milstead ($585), Emili Sullivan ($295) and Zoe Platt ($1,175). In front is Garrett Milstead ($500).
Photo by Stephen R. Farris/Groesbeck Journal

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