School Board holds Regular Meeting on February 13, 2017

By Liz McDaniel
Special to the Journal

The Groesbeck ISD School Board met on Monday, February 13, 2017. Members present were Tom Sutton, Bill David Sadler, Mika Morgan, Bridgett Jackson, Bob Waller, and Randy Hunter. Chris Rand was not present.
A public hearing was presented before the board meeting about the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). Kathy Koenig explained that the school district will certify that schools in the district including media centers and libraries are in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act. This policy can be found on the school’s web page.
The meeting was called to order at 6 p.m. There were notes of thanks read to the school board. Dr. Ramm reported that the District enrollment is up to 1,890.
Kathy Koenig showed the board an interactive flat screen that is part of the technology proposal. Lacey Merrifield, a Science Teacher at GHS, demonstrated how she used it in her classroom. Some advantages to this new technology, is that it’s very interactive, has internet capabilities, and is compatible with the Chrome Books. The screen is a touch screen and very easy to learn how to use. The cost of each board is about $4,000 and it includes installation, training, interactive software, and a five-year warranty. The current projectors and white boards are older and the bulbs are very expensive to replace.
Jerry Dobiyanski, Facility Committee chairman, shared with the board the committee’s support of the $5 million bond to be voted on in May 2017. The proposed $5 million Bond would be broken down to spend $3 million on purchasing new buses and $2 million would be applied toward GHS brick weatherproofing to prevent leaks, other structural needs, new interactive flat screens, and other technology needs. The technology expense was discussed at great length. Randy Hunter was pleased that the steering committee was well represented by people from all ends of the Groesbeck community. Mr. Dobiyanski and other members of the Facility committee who were present, answered questions from the board members.
The Board was in agreement that the Committee worked very hard at looking at all the needs of the district and supported the committee’s decision. The School Board discussed the pros and cons of passing another bond. Previous bond monies weren’t always used for what they were intended for. Bob Waller expressed that there needs to be better communication with the taxpayers and the board needs to be more transparent with the public.
Randy made a motion to accept the recommendation of the committee to present the $5 million bond proposal in the May election. Mika seconded the motion. Randy, Mika, Bob and Bridgett voted in favor of the bond. Tom Sutton stated that there are still too many questions, so he and Bill David abstained from voting, making four in favor and two abstentions. Tom Sutton thanked the committee members for their hard work and dedication in serving on the Facilities Committee. The board made and accepted motions regarding the school board election on May 6, 2017. The 2017–2018 School Calendar was presented by Dayne Duncan. The board approved the calendar.
The board went into executive session to discuss personnel contracts, resignations, and reassignments of district administrators. They reconvened and voted to accept what was discussed in the closed session. The board meeting ended at 10:15 p.m.

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