Election Day

By Tom Hawkins

This Saturday, May 6, is Election Day for most of the cities and school districts of Limestone County. Given below are more details on the elections of southern Limestone County including the city of Groesbeck, the Groesbeck Independent School District, the city of Thornton, and the city of Kosse. The city of Mexia and the city of Tehuacana are also having elections. On Election Day the voters of the Mexia ISD and the city of Mexia will vote at the Mexia Civic Center, and the city of Tehuacana voters will vote at the Tehuacana City Hall.

The city of Coolidge is also having an election with the voting to take place at the Coolidge City Hall. The Coolidge ISD usually has its election in November.

Early voting for these elections ended on Tuesday of this week with the early voting starting on April 24.

On Election Day, all polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Here a closer look at Saturday’s elections in southern Limestone County.


The voters of the Groesbeck Independent School District will elect two at -large members to the school board. The candidates are Kimberly Meyer, Bill David Sadler, Gabriel Gibson, and Ronnie Ferguson. Sadler is an incumbent. Chris Rand, also an incumbent, is not seeking reelection.

In addition to the election of two school board members, the Groesbeck ISD is also having a $5,000,000 bond election. A voter should vote “for” or “against” the following:

“The issuance of $5,000,000 of bonds for the construction, renovation and equipment of school buildings in the district, the purchase of school buses and the purchase of technology, and the levying of the tax in payment thereof.”

Voting places for the GISD election are as follows:

Voting Boxes SG1A, SG2A, SG5A -- Groesbeck Convention Center.

Voting Box SG3A -- XTO, 1061 FM 1512, Jewett (Farrar area).

Voting Box 3B-SG3B -- Church of Christ at Old Union.

Voting Box 4A--SG4A -- Thornton Volunteer Fire Department, Thornton.

Voting Box 4B-SG4B -- Kosse Community Center, Kosse, and Justice of the Peace of Peace 4 office, 113 Jack Street, Bremond, Texas.


Two members will be elected to the Groesbeck City Council. The candidates are Kim Harris, Warren Anglin, and Jim Cox. The voting place for this election will be at the Groesbeck Convention Center.


The voters of the city of Thornton will elect three members to the Thornton City Council on this Saturday. The candidates Carla Robinson, Randy Franklin, Traci Cordova, Beverly Ellis, Jud Hughes. The voting will take place at the Thornton Fire Volunteer Department.


The voters of the city of Kosse will elect two members to the Kosse City Council on Saturday. There are five candidates. The candidates are Ricky D. Wright, Patricia Rae Roy, Jacob Jones, Jimmy Pate, and Carolyn Rutledge. Voting on Election Day will take place at the Kosse Community Center.

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