• Council approves plat for dialysis center
    Jim Miceli, representative for the not yet built Limestone County Dialysis Center showed the Groesbeck City Council a preliminary design for their facility on Tuesday, July 21, seeking approval to re-plat the location near McClintic Dr. and Martin St. so

Council approves plat for dialysis center

In their regular meeting on Tuesday, July 21, Groesbeck City Council Members voted in favor of turning an agricultural plat near Limestone Medical Center into a commercial plat, so that plans to build a Dialysis Center can begin.

“I’ll just briefly tell you that we’re getting a fantastic facility in our town that is much needed so people don’t have to drive a long way out of town to get their dialysis done - it will be right here in our town,” said Public Works Director Keith Tilley. “They’ve bought a piece of property that will be transferred into commercial type property. I don’t know exactly how that process works, I just know it has to have council approval.”

Jim Miceli, a representative for the Dialysis Center, explained that replatting of the location was needed to allow easy road access to the future facility, which will be located off McClintic Dr. and Martin St. (near First street).

Board members and Mayor Ray O’Docharty engaged with Miceli, asking several questions about the timeframe for the project, building size, and how many patients will be accommodated at a time, as well as voicing support for the project. Miceli stated that with the city’s blessing, they expected building to take about five to six months, and that 16 seats would be available in the facility, meaning 16 patients could be serviced at a time.

“This would be the only dialysis center in Limestone county, so we’ll be having people not only from Groesbeck, but Mexia and other areas come as well,” Council Member Michael Thompson said. The council voted unanimously to approve the re-platting.

City Administrator Henson also addressed the council seeking approval to select a Raymond K. Vann & Associates as the grant administrator for 2021-2022 TxCDBG Community Development Funds, so that the Groesbeck Volunteer Fire Department may apply for a grant for a rescue vehicle and to replace 17 SCBAs (self-contained breathing apparatuses), which would save the department over $180,000. Should they be awarded the grant, $5,000 matching would be required, but that money would be put up by Groesbeck VFD and not the city; the council voted to support this grant administrator selection.

Council also approved the annual issuance of a city warrant for fire truck payment, a budgeted cost in the amount of about $28,000 to go toward a fire truck the city purchased for Groesbeck VFD a few years ago. O’Docharty took a moment

O’Docharty took a moment to recognize members of the Young Marines, three of whom were present for the meeting to present colors. Unit Commander Michelle Mullinix told the council that their membership has grown to eight members and they are looking forward to boot camp and opportunities to serve.

Henson shared that the Groesbeck Police Department has hired another patrolman who will begin work August 3, and Tilley provided details on continued street work efforts at Walker St.

In other business the council:

Approved the consent agenda;

Approved reappointment of Nancy Wilson and Nyla Williams to the Housing Authority Board; and

Approved Ordinance 20- O-02, amending Ordinance 15-O-04, to renew Water Conservation Plan as is required every 5 years; Tilley noted that no changes had been made to the plan.

The next regular council meeting is scheduled for August 18, at 6 p.m.

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