Downtown Thornton Map, 1954

Jerry Tilley submitted the following original map of Downtown Thornton from 1954, and many might be surprised to learn that Thornton boasted over 35 businesses when he was 14 years old! We listed the owners’ names in parenthesis beside businesses Tilley had more information about.

  1. R.R. Depot
  2. I.A. Walling Ice House
  3. Truck Wt. Scales
  4. Sparks Grocery & Sadler Grocery
  5. A.P. Ellis Drug Store
  6. Richardson Grocery (Pearl & Jewell)
  7. Kings T.V. & Appliances
  8. Fisher & Nance Hardware & Funelia Home
  9. Black Brothers Drug (Charles & Mary)
  10. Austin Holmes Café
  11. Café & Bar (Mady Speaks)
  12. Bud Bazes Barber Shop
  13. Colman &Kennedy Grocery (Colman & Maguerize)
  14. Bank Jack Barnett
  15. Thornton Garage (Rube Smelscer & Leck Tilley)

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