Groesbeck Senior Citizen News

By Kelli Young, Site Manager

Good day to all of our friends in Limestone County; we hope you are all doing well and had a good week. Everything is moving right along here. Last weekend the ladies attended the RSVP Luncheon. Rosa Wallace drove Pat Ogden and Iva Fulcher over there. Debra and Wanda met everyone over there. Ann Vinson was also there, the theme was Country Fair. They had Holly Tucker from the Voice there singing. Rosa and Ann won door prizes; they all had a good time. Theda and Lucille were here for knitting and coloring on Thursday. Here is a list of our July birthdays; Maxine Roberts 7-29, Willie Jackson 7-16, Elena Vaiz 7-21 and Leslie Bassett 7-31. Happy Birthday to all of you and we hope you have many more. All centers will be closed on July 4th. We will be sending out the shelf stables for the homebound on the 3rd. The jackpot winners this week were Judy Vickery on Tuesday, then Carolyn Young and Norma Tate on Friday. We thank Johnnie Wilson with LMC for calling on Tuesday and Lee Ann with LMC for calling Friday. These ladies do a great service for the seniors in our community. We hope you all have a good week and we will see you at the center.

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