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    The hostesses for Groesbeck Study Club’s October meeting Janice Levi, Carlene Willis, Mary Ann Updegraph and Stacy Hall.
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    Susan Swick, Vice-Principal of the Groesbeck High School presenter of the program for the evening.

Groesbeck Study Club Meeting

By Groesbeck Study Club Reporter, Ginger Fritz

The Groesbeck Study Club had its reassembly dinner at the Groesbeck Woman’s Club on Tuesday, October 16, 2017 at 7pm.  Wanda Bush gave the devotional.  It was about how Teachers Effect Eternity.

William McGuffie Rovine wrote the first Readers.  He worked 11 hrs a day, 6 days a week at age 14.  His first Reader was for the ages 6 to 21.  He wrote several books just for children.  Later he wrote Readers for all ages.  The first text books were patterned after his books.    She told us that Teaching is a valuable job and the teachers give hours of their own time along with their talents.  She Read us a beautiful prayer just for teachers.  Well done Wanda! 


Lea Hardison introduced the program for the evening; Susan Swick, Vice-Principal and Councilor for Groesbeck High School.  Susan discussed all the activities available at GHS and all the courses of study including the higher education through Navarro Junior College.  She told us that he GHS band just recently got a 1, 1&2 and that Cross Country went to Regional this year and UIL –Academic Teams a meet was coming up at GHS in March and Spelling has gone to state 4 out of the last 5 years.  There is a large group, over 100 that are members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes who meet regularly.  This year Homecoming Bonfire was the biggest we’ve had in several years.  There is a group called Student to Student (S2S) that liason transfers or new students through mentoring.  This is the first year we have had the Senior Walk through the schools.  It was very successful and will continue.  Dual Credit started in 2012 with High School Allotment, Practice SAT Tests, and Higher Education.  They start in the 9th grade and can earn 60 credits.  This helps saves the families since they get 2 years of college and can graduate with the High School Diploma and Associates degree in almost all classes.  The students are held accountable and learn responsibility as well as what is expected of them in college if they want to go on to receive their Bachelor’s Degree or higher   Since it has started,  55 students have earned their Associates Degree and in 2017 5 students got their Production Welding Certificate.  There is also the Backpack Ministry which helps children in many ways…starting with sending home food over the weekend to help those who need it.  They now help with clothing and toiletries and once a year have the Fill The Pool drive that helps with the needed items and school supplies…all schools help with this drive.   She told us that we have 5 foreign exchange students this year.   Susan also touched on the funding problem caused by the state cutting funds to our school and she stressed that this is a BIG PROBLEM.  Even after all the cuts that were made, if the funds aren’t received by passing the bond election, the school may have to close or consolidate with another area school.  Many thanks for this informative talk Susan. 


After the club meeting was adjourned, the hostesses for the evening, Janice Levi, Carlene Willis, Mary Ann Updegraph and Stacy Hall brought us a Fall and Halloween Themed evening.  The room was decorated in so many bright fall colors and scarecrows, turkeys, of all shapes and sizes and colors and at the door was a brightly colored skeleton.  The main table was covered in a bright reddish brown colored tablecloth which had a sheer black cover which looked suspiciously like a spider wed.  In the center was a pumpkin and turkey arrangement and the plates and napkins were fall themed.  We were served Sausage Quesada’s, Spinach Dip with Chips and Crackers, Turkey and Ham Wraps, a Relish Tray, with Brownies and Peach Cobbler for dessert.  We had Sherbet Punch to drink.  Everything was delicious and beautifully decorated. 


A time of fellowship followed.

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