Sheriff’s Office struggling to find jailers

By Roxanne Thompson, Staff Writer

Limestone County Sheriff Dennis Wilson told county commissioners at their Dec. 12 meeting that he is having trouble filling open positions at the County Jail.

“We’re really struggling with employment in the jail,” Wilson said. “Today I’m seven short, and I’ve had some people out on medical; so it’s beginning to affect what we do daily. Our applicant pool is pitiful, and it’s very hard to hire people when a lot of the people that come to apply can’t get past the criminal background check.”

He said only a few other employees are willing to fill in at the jail where needed in exchange for time off, or comp time, only for overtime pay. 

“I bring this to your attention because we’re having to work people in overtime positions trying to meet the ratio we have to have to keep the operations of the jail going,” he said. “So if you know anybody that wants a job, send them my way, because we’d definitely like to interview them and talk to them about working in the Limestone County Jail, but we’re really struggling with those positions now.”

County Judge Daniel Burkeen confirmed to the other members of commissioners court that he had been communicating with Wilson and other top staff about this issue.

Wilson said only about five employees will even come in to work overtime and none will work comp time.

“They won’t even answer our phone calls,” he said.

As for those willing to work for overtime pay, those are nearing their maximum hours, he said. 

“So if we start allowing them to take their time off,” Wilson said, “We have a whole other hole of vacancies there that – we’ve got to have warm bodies in chairs.”

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