Limestone County Historical Commission Conducts January Meeting

Submitted by William Reagan

The Limestone County Historical Commission conducted its regular meeting on January 2, 2018 in the Limestone County Courtroom.  Members present were Tom Hawkins, Sara McReynolds, Bubba McDonald, Linda Jordan, Bruce Jordan, Joe Phillips, Dixie Hoover and William Reagan.  Larry Smith, member of the Limestone County Tourism Website Committee, was present as a visitor.

Chair Reagan called the meeting to order and declared a quorum present.  The minutes of the previous meeting were approved.

Mr. Smith gave an update on the county tourism website.  He shared that he had made contact with the individuals who will be responsible for submitting information to the website from the various communities, organizations, and sites and that there would be a meeting of these people on Monday, January 8.  He added that the first goal is to have the website online by the end of January.  Afterwards, the second goal will be the development of a permanent tourism organization that will be involved in promoting tourism within the county.  Mrs. Hoover and Mrs. McReynolds also serve on the website committee.

The CHC members discussed what information the CHC needs to provide for the website including information about cemeteries, historical markers, and historic sites.  Mr. Smith asked if the CHC would also help with locating historic photographs. 

During the November meeting, members of the Jerome D. Cotton Family were present and one of them inquired about the CHC becoming involved in clearing and the continued upkeep of the Stroud Cemetery, which is located on the family’s land.  Sometime after the meeting, an individual stepped forward offering to fund the cemetery upkeep.  Mrs. Jordan reported that she contacted the family to let them know about the offer.  She stated that the family decided that they would clear and maintain the cemetery at the present time.

Mrs. Jordan reported that the Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research in Houston had ordered a copy of the Limestone County Cemetery book.  Mr. and Mrs. Jordan complied the 1183 page volume, which contains information and surveys for 149 cemeteries in Limestone County.  The book is published and being sold by the CHC. 

Mrs. Jordan added that the person from the library who contacted her was also wanting information on the Personville and Point Enterprise communities.  Mr. McDonald agreed to get contact information for individuals who might be helpful.

Members discussed and agreed upon procedures for requests of additional copies of First Family certificates.

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