• Many volunteers for Old Fort Parker’s Workday brought supplies, tools, and a strong work ethic for the various projects that needed tackling. Photo by Alexandra Cannon/Groesbeck Journal
  • Volunteers (l-r) Cherokee, Betty, Lefty and Jeanie who are actively involved in the Cowboy Action Shooting club that hosts monthly events at Old Fort Parker gave back by building a fence along the back side of the Ranger House. Photo by Alexandra Cannon/Groesbeck Journal
  • After some thorough investigating, the volunteers deemed the walkway unsafe and had to tear it out entirely, then level areas for the placement of support beams. Not all volunteer work is down and dirty, but this job was! Photo by Alexandra Cannon/Groesbeck Journal
  • (L-r) Betty, Lefty and Silver worked hard to arrange the split face cedar boards along the framework of the fence in an attractive way, as the fence faces the Flying Field. This was one of the biggest projects at Old Fort Parker’s Workday, January 27. Photo by Alexandra Cannon/Groesbeck Journal
  • People of all ages contributed to improving the Fort on Old Fort Parker’s Workday, January 27. Removing the rotted walkway and constructing a new one took many sets of hands, both young and old. Photo by Alexandra Cannon/Groesbeck Journal
  • On Sunday, January 28, volunteers continued working on the fence because they were determined to finish the project. Though the reddish brown color of the cedar is pretty, it will fade with time and match the color and style of the fort itself. Photo by Alexandra Cannon/Groesbeck Journal

Old Fort Parker receives repairs from avid volunteers 

More workdays planned for the future

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer

Through the help of about 20 volunteers, Old Fort Parker received some much needed attention and improvement on one of their scheduled workdays, Saturday, January 27. Volunteers travelled from across the state with tools and a willingness to work, as the historic site no longer benefits from government funding to cover the costs of general upkeep.

“We're looking at trying to correct about probably 30 years’ worth of deferred maintenance,” said volunteer Michael Roegner. “Time takes its toll and everything here is out in the weather, so wherever possible we're trying to fix it right and not just slap a Band-Aid on it.”

Though the official workday was Saturday, January 27, many volunteers arrived Thursday night or Friday and wasted no time getting to work, and some arrived as early as Tuesday. While the dreary weather may have kept some home, several projects were tackled by the volunteers in attendance, including removing debris, pruning a large cedar tree inside the fort, and removing the logs from the roof of the block houses that were rotting and breaking loose, to name a few.

“We are redoing the fence around our Ranger house to make it look advantageous for the flying field next door,” said Sarah McReynolds. “They are also going to use the wood to redo all the rails that are falling down around the whole place. That’s another planned project that we definitely need done.”

Several volunteers came to work at Old Fort Parker that visit the site monthly with Cowboy Action Shooting. Betty, Lefty, Cherokee and Jean Hester tag-teamed the fence, with two cutting points at the top of each cedar plank, and two building the fence’s framework and attaching the cedar boards.

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