Limestone County Historical Commission Conducts February Meeting

By William Reagan



The Limestone County Historical Commission conducted its regular meeting on February 6, 2018 in the Limestone County Courtroom.  Members present were Cindy Pollard, Bubba McDonald, Linda Jordan, Bruce Jordan, Joe Phillips, and William Reagan.  No visitors were present.


After Chair Reagan called the meeting to order and declared a quorum present, the minutes of the previous meeting were approved with one correction.


Mr. McDonald presented some updated information for some county cemeteries, which he is sending to the Texas Historical Commission to update their database.  Mr. Phillips shared some information about an African-American cemetery near Doyle and asked if there was a name for it.  Mr. Jordan stated that he had recorded the name of the cemetery as Jefferson Cemetery in the cemetery survey records that he and Mrs. Jordan had compiled.  Mr. Phillips also shared some information about the community of Lavender and asked if there was a cemetery in the area.  No one on the commission was aware of one.  Mrs. Pollard shared that she had given a copy of the Historic Texas Cemetery Designation application to Aubrey Hancock who is interested in having the Hancock Cemetery designated.  This cemetery is located on Highway 84 about one mile west of Mexia. 


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