• L-R-front row—Bobbie Barham, Judy Tritschler, Nancy Davis, Dianne Simmons, Renee Turner, Sherry Solis and AgriLife Agent Gabby Washington L-R-back row—Michaelene Perry, Jeanette Howell, Judy Hutchison, Pat Cox, Helen Beil, Kathy Beaver, Cynthia Hudgins, Margaret Towers and Arnold Gray Missing in the picture are: Angela Foshee’, Claudia New, Sylvia Salinas, Becky Green, Becky Harvey, Lisa Jones and Michelle Zavala

Weight Watchers Walk Across Texas

Submitted by Michaelene Perry, Weight Watcher and WAT Site Manager


Weight Watchers (WW) and Limestone County AgriLife joined forces to have a healthy start for members who signed up to Walk Across Texas (WAT) over the holidays of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.  With 22 members stepping up the pace the group walked across Texas and back x2 plus from the top to bottom and back x1 and then an additional 479.68 miles.  For the record Orange to El Paso, TX is 833 miles and Dumas to Brownsville, TX is 833 miles.

The total of the mileage for our walkers was 5477.68 with the each walker averaging 248.99 miles and each team walking 684.71 miles per week over the 8 week period of the event.  One consistent benefit was the more we walked, the more we increased our energy level.  The weight came off and everyone came out a winner.

The WW group in Mexia, TX  with our Weight Watcher guide and leader Jan Miller had 3 teams:  The Get Along Gang—Nancy Davis, Angela Foshee’, Arnold Gray, Claudia New, Sylvia Salinas, Sherry Solis and Margaret Towers (Team Captain)—who walked 1384.85 miles; Walk It Together—Bobbie Barham, Kathy Beaver, Jeanette Howell (Team Captain), Cynthia Hudgins, Dianne Simmons, Judy Tritschler, and Renee Turner who walked 1235.8 miles; and finally Two Step Across Texas—Helen Beil, Pat Cox, Becky Green, Becky Harvey, Judy Hutchison, Lisa Jones, Michaelene Perry (Site Manager) and Michelle Zavala (Team Captain) who walked 2857.03 miles.

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