Live a Life Worthy of the Resurrection         

Christ died for sinners, not for the righteous. Now that Christ has conquered death, says St. Gregory the Great, we should abandon our worldly lives and live for Christ.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

God’s mercy for us is more amazing because Christ died, not for the righteous or holy, but for the unrighteous and wicked. Though his divine nature was not capable of death, yet at his birth he took from us what he would offer for us.                                                                                                          


Why Do Catholics Call Priests ‘Father’?  

“Call no one on earth your father,” Jesus teaches. “You have but one father in heaven” (Mt 23:9). In the light of these words from the Gospel, many non-Catholic Christians object to Catholics calling priests “Father.” How do Catholics understand this passage?                                         


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