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Council votes out Kosse PD Chief Mark Morris

After a unanimous “Vote of No Confidence” in Police Chief Mark Morris by Kosse City Council, he has been relieved of duties as chief and the recently promoted Sgt. Brett New was appointed interim chief.

“The City Council felt that the police department needed a change in direction, and decided that a change in leadership was necessary,” Mayor Brooks Valls said after the special meeting June 15.

Morris opted to speak to the council in open session regarding a grievance against him that had been discussed at length in executive session at the regular council meeting June 9, which the council confirmed mostly pertained to a situation that occurred May 5, just outside Kosse city limits at Austin McCarver's house.

According to an exposure report by former mayor Jarrod Eno, who traveled to the scene as a paramedic at the request of responding officer Robert Koch, the subject (McCarver, as identified by Morris) was reportedly “extremely intoxicated” upon their arrival, and displayed behavior that was aggressive, uncooperative and violent. McCarver threw several punches that did not land, kicked Eno in the right thigh, and struck Koch on the left side of the head before he was detained and led to an ambulance Koch had requested for transportation to Limestone Medical Center, at which point Morris arrived on the scene. 

Constitutional Adherence and Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is the right to express opinions without censorship or restraint. I have been writing opinion pieces for some time now and respect, with great reverence, the rights of others to disagree with me. After all part of freedom of speech is being able to have discussions that allow for disagreement that brings about compromise and unity. I would argue that by not allowing rebuttal we deny ourselves crucial facts we may not have been aware of before we gave our opinion. That said, it is just as important to listen as it is to opine.

Bureaucracy and What it Means to us

A Bureaucracy is the administrative side of Government that deals with the execution of policies that are made by our elected government. Bureaucrats are paid administrative officials that are appointed by our elected officials to carry out all of the policies and laws made by congress. Bureaucrats are supposed to be non-partisan, which means they should never be allowed to be political one way or the other.


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