• Groesbeck holds graduation last week Menzel and Tyus gain top honors
  • Groesbeck holds graduation last week Menzel and Tyus gain top honors

Groesbeck holds graduation last week Menzel and Tyus gain top honors

Salutatorian Address

Aaron Tyus

Hello Groesbeck High School, hello Groesbeck. Thank you teachers, administrators, and especially our parents for all they’ve done to help us get here. This year was full of finals, and I don’t mean tests. This year we had our final sports games, our final UIL meet, our final FFA meeting, and our final ceremonies. But even though our time in high school has come to a close, our new lives are about to begin. We will have our first college classes, our first taste of adulthood, and our first apartments. So we shouldn’t think of graduation as the end, but as a new beginning. Thank you and Goodbye Groesbeck High School, Goodbye Groesbeck.

Valedictorian Address

Kayla Menzel

Hello and good evening everyone! I would like to thank all of you for coming today to support and celebrate with us. I want to thank every parent biological or not, grandparent, aunt, uncle or anyone that helped a senior make it this far. I know that it is just as taxing to raise a kid as it is for the kid to go to school. I want to thank all of the counselors for being so patient with us and I want to thank all the staff of GHS. I want to thank a few teachers in particular for some of the great memories we have had in high school. First off, Senoria Willis I now understand why we had to sing spanish songs every morning, because now I actually remember random spanish words.

Miss K even though making a 100 in your class was literally impossible you taught me to always do my best, oh also you should have hit bailey harder with that bracelet. Ag teachers, thank you for making everyone feel at home and bringing everyone from all different walks of life together. Dear coaches, thank you for pushing every GHS athlete to be the best they can be, you helped us all find our inner strengths and work as a team. And lastly coach sloan, thank you for all the life lessons, I will make sure I get all the big rocks in my jar of life, oh and your secret is safe with us. Anyways, if I did not personally mention you I want to personally thank you for making our high school experience memorable and each unique!

To the future seniors I have a little bit of advice. Yes, sometimes you will be sitting in your room crying because you are going to “fail” your next test. And you very well may, but that is okay. Life is all trial and error, no one is perfect, though if you stick with it you will succeed I promise. I challenge you to do something new every year, whether that means trying out for a sports team ,a new UIL event or even making new friends. You will find new things that you never would have tried and the experiences from them will last forever!

Now to the seniors. I know that we have seen it all including our computer screen for hours a day from online class, to the longest spring break ever and even all of the great senior things we missed. I am proud of each of you for sticking with it this long, I know we all felt senioritis about sophomore year! Grander Smith once said “You don’t get what you wish for, you get what you work for” and we have all worked so hard to get here today. After high school I hope you all chase your dreams whatever they may be and achieve all your goals. Wrapping things up I have one last thing to say, Goodbye Groesbeck, Goodbye class, Groesbeck HIgh School raise a glass. We made it class of 2021!!

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