• True Love Set In Stone, Local couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary
    ABOVE: Though BK and Alta Stone did not have a large wedding ceremony on September 15, 1950, this picture captures the special day that they consider themselves blessed to still celebrate, 70 years later.
  • True Love Set In Stone, Local couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary
    BELOW: Employees at the Buzbee Feed Store, where BK buys feed for his cows, made a large birthday sign complete with photos for him to hold at the drive-thru parade on Saturday, September 5, honoring both BK’s 90th birthday and his 70 year wedding anniv
  • True Love Set In Stone, Local couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary
    Beyond their many happy years together, the Stones consider themselves blessed to have so many of their children, grandchildren and great grand children living in the Groesbeck area. In celebration of their 70th wedding anniversary, the Stones had a drive
  • True Love Set In Stone, Local couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary
    For many couples, 50 years together may seem like a far-fetched or unattainable goal; for BK and Alta Stone, that milestone (which they commemorated with this photo) came and went exactly 20 years ago, and they are happy to keep celebrating their love wit

True Love Set In Stone, Local couple celebrates 70th wedding anniversary

In what can only be called the sweetest accomplishment, Billy Kyle (BK) and Alta Stone are celebrating 70 years of marriage, a feat that very few can claim. The pair have spent the past seven decades loving each other, God, their family, and the life they have created for themselves here in Groesbeck, and have plenty of love to go around.

“We love each other a whole lot, a great deal; that's our first priority is love for each other. It's very seldom she and I ever have an argument,” BK said, and Alta chimed in- “And I always win.”

BK agreed with a laugh and went on to say, “it hasn’t always been a bed of roses; we’ve had good times and we’ve had bad times, but we’ve stayed together, close-knit. Our children, our church, our home and our grandkids, we love ‘em all.”

BK and Alta met in high school, and though he graduated two years ahead of her, Alta’s friendship with BK’s sister Maxine brought them together. BK and Alta would go on double dates with Maxine and Travis Smith, who also later married.

“There wasn't much to do in Groesbeck at that time, but we went to the movies at the Limestone Theater where the furniture store is now, and the skating rink, and out to the lake and out to his home,” Alta said. “Things were simple then.”

Though BK’s mother tried to talk him out of it, saying the marriage would never last, the pair were wed at the Church of Christ in Groesbeck on September 15, 1950, with only a handful of guests in attendance when BK was 20 and Alta was 16. Their many years together reflect their commitment to each other and the wedding vows they said so long ago.

The Stones had six children, three girls and three boys, who grew up attending Groesbeck ISD, where BK worked as a bus driver for some time. He went on to work for General Tire in Waco for 30 years, while farming and ranching on the side even into this past summer, while Alta worked at Farmers State Bank in Groesbeck once most of the children were in school. Their

Their children all graduated from GHS, and though a couple live out of state, a majority of them found their way back to the Groesbeck as adults to raise their families here.

“Here we have seven grandsons and two granddaughters, then we have seven great-granddaughters and four great-grandsons, and one great-great grandson.”

To celebrate the milestone of 70 years of marriage, as well as BK’s 90th birthday which falls a couple days before their anniversary, the Stones held a parade style drive-through party on Saturday, September 5, in consideration of the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic. More than 100 people participated to wish them continued happiness and longevity as a couple, and to offer birthday blessings to BK.

“We had a great time on Saturday, seeing so many people,” Alta said. “One of the things BK was most proud of, that I thought was pretty neat, was this birthday sign made by the people out there at the feed store where he buys feed.”

Alta credits their shared faith as one of the strongest pillars of their relationship to help them stand the test of time together, and their involvement with the Groesbeck Church of Christ has spanned as long as their relationship. She said most Sundays after church, their home is filled with their kids and grandkids for Sunday dinner, and they are grateful for that family and fellowship time week after week. Even after 70 years together, the Stones do not take their time together for granted, and still squeeze in a date every chance they get.

“Our main social life is at church, with church and family, but we include a trip to Charlie’s in Mexia for a hamburger when we go do our grocery shopping,” Alta said.

The Groesbeck Journal would like to extend our sincerest congratulations and a heartfelt “Happy Anniversary” to the Stones. May you celebrate many more healthy, happy years together!

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