• Trump support boat parade attracts 100-200 boats to Lake Limestone
    The boats on Lake Limestone are bunched up near Robertson Dam, waiting for the Trump Parade to begin Saturday, Sept. 5. Once it started, the boats kept a greater distance from each other. Contributed photo by Phil Miller
  • Trump support boat parade attracts 100-200 boats to Lake Limestone
    Fans of President Trump as well as water lovers took to Lake Limestone for a Trump Boat Parade Saturday, Sept. 5. Photo by Roxanne Thompson/ Groesbeck Journal

Trump support boat parade attracts 100-200 boats to Lake Limestone

Saturday’s boat parade in support of President Trump’s re-election saw well over 100 boaters, maybe 200, take to the water at Lake Limestone, many with blue and red Trump flags and U.S. flags flying on poles.

The boats began at Robertson Dam and made their way northwest past the Limestone Marina, continuing on several miles past County Park No. 2 and up to the FM 3371 bridge before turning back.

When the first few boats rounded the curve of land, it appeared that only those few had taken part in the parade, but soon wave after wave of additional boats rounded the curve of land behind them and joined the first arrivals until the lake area in front of the park was filled with boats zipping around the water, and the prediction of a hundred-plus boats was fulfilled and then some.

Non-boating supporters gathered on shore at County Park No. 2, with around 50 people of all ages seated in their cars or trucks, or in lawn chairs near their vehicles, several with their own Trump flags flying nearby. Others onshore waved their hands or their flags, some shouting their approval at the sight of the boats.

Some boats held only the driver, but most held two or more participants and often other adults and children, too.

Shortly after the first part of the flotilla reached the FM 3371 bridge, rain began sprinkling, then pelting down, but participants still appeared happy and satisfied with the day. Several boaters disembarked at the park, but most sped back the way they had come.

Organizers Phil and Frances Miller, who live at Lake Limestone, were thrilled with the results of the day.

“The cloudburst at the end kind of busted it up, but all in all a GREAT success!” Phil Miller exclaimed.

“It was hard to get a picture that shows the massive turnout for the parade,” he added. “Everyone estimated 200 boats. The LakeLimestoneTX Facebook page has a lot of posts.”

“Thanks to Phil and Frances Miller for organizing the wonderful Regatta!” said Robert Walters.

“What an impressive show, despite the boat wash at the end!” posted Jerry Jamison.

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