• Virtual visiting loved ones
    Groesbeck LTC resident Lorene Murphy visits with her son John via the new communication system provided at her facility.

Virtual visiting loved ones

Area nursing facilities step up communication with residents

With still no in-person visits allowed inside Texas assisted living facilities and nursing homes due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some area homes have raised the bar when it comes to staying in communication with loved ones.

Groesbeck LTC, Mexia LTC, and Teague Nursing and Rehabilitation are all part of the group of facilities that now are offering a new form of communication.

“The new system is awesome,” stated Kim Nichols activity director at Groesbeck LTC. “It is a really great asset for our residents to have communication with loved ones, as it is so very important in these times.”

The system is a Mac mini portable that enables residents to make and receive video calls on a large screen.

The system is portable so that it can be taken bedside to the residents’ room. It uses four different ways to link with the residents, either via Facetime on iPhone, Google Duo, Skype, or Zoom. These are free and easy apps to use. The station is one-of-a-kind

The station is one-of-a-kind for residents to be able to communicate in real-time auto and video that is easy to see and hear.

“During these hard times of not getting to visit with loved ones in person for now over 100 days, we are doing everything we can do for our residents to have communications with their loved ones,” stated Andrea Lopez Regional Marketing Coordinator. “It’s only been in the buildings a short time and we have had first times to see grandbabies, reunions from states away and every day ‘I love you’ and “I see you’ moments.”

If you would like to make a video call to your loved one call the facility of the resident you want to contact at the numbers below.

Groesbeck LTC - (254) 729-3245

Mexia LTC - (254) 562- 5400

Teague Nursing and Rehabilitation - (254) 739- 2541

The email addresses for calling after setting up the call with staff are:

Groesbeck LTC - groesbeckvideo@gcltc.com

Mexia LTC - mexiavideo@ gcltc.com Teague Nursing and

Teague Nursing and Rehabilitation - teaguevideo@ gcltc.com

As always you may still write residents at the addresses below:

Groesbeck LTC

Email: groesbeckltc.com/ familymail.php

U.S. Mail: 607 Parkside dr Groesbeck Tx 76642

Mexia LTC

Email: mexialtc.com/ familymail.php

U.S. Mail: 601 Terrace Ln, Mexia, TX 76667

Teague Nursing and Rehabilitation

Email: teaguenursingcare. com/familymail.php

U.S. Mail: 884 US-84 W Teague, TX 75860

Groesbeck Journal

P.O. Box 440
Groesbeck, TX 76642
Phone: 254-729-5103
Fax: 254-729-0362