• Firefighters battle blaze at Kosse home
    Contributed photo/Wes Hardin
  • Firefighters battle blaze at Kosse home
    Photos by Arthur DeVitalis/Groesbeck Journal

Firefighters battle blaze at Kosse home

Fire crews from across Limestone County and beyond worked to extinguish a blaze at a Kosse residence in the 1000 block of LCR 662 after noon Thursday, April 9. Area firefighters were dispatched after noon to reports of a house fire. Neighbor Wes Hardin was home when the blaze started, alerting 911 while his father called the neighbors.

A fund has been created for the family that owns the home. They also own a small local restaurant, Kasa Kosse. A total of $6,476 of $8,000 has been contributed so far, with the community showing it’s support.

“Right now with COVID-19, things are already hard on the restaurant industry without this huge tragedy,” wrote Krystal Swinnea, who organized the fundraiser. “We love Kasa Kosse and this family, and we want to continue to see them be a staple in our community for many years to come!”

Hardin and his father were working next door when the fire began. According to him, they heard a small explosion that caught their attention.

“We stopped, looked over there and black smoke was starting to pour out from the rear of the house by the carport garage area. “During the 911 call, at least 10 more explosions [occured], some really loud. Then the two trucks under the carport exploded.”

By this time, the house was engulfed. Kosse, Thornton, Marlin and Bremond Volunteer Fire Departments responded, in addition to Groesbeck Fire/Rescue. The Kosse Police Department and Limestone Medical EMS also worked to assist.

Hardin attempted to determine if anyone was in the house, to no answer nor avail. Family members made it out safe, though two pet dogs died inside. When the family arrived, the electrical breaker was shut down as first responders worked to extinguish the blaze.

A ladder was extended to the roof to fight and vent the blaze from above. Investigator Jared Eno with the Kosse Volunteer Fire Department said that the blaze originated in the carport around a vehicle. The cause was ruled as accidental.

“The Kosse firefighters and Chief did a great job of containment,” Eno said. “Most of the damage was on the exterior of the house while they stopped it before the interior burned.”

“Right now with COVID-19, things are already hard without this huge tragedy,” Swinnea said.

To contribute in the recovery of the family’s home, visit https://www.gofundme.com/f/1z4c2oziuo.

Area firefighters were dispatched to an ongoing structure fire at about 12:45 p.m. Thursday, April 9. Kosse, Thornton and Bremond Volunteer Fire Departments responded to a fully-involved house in the 1000 block of LCR 662, reporting that the house was clear of occupants prior to arrival. The Kosse Police Department, Groesbeck Fire/Rescue, Limestone Medical Center EMS and the Marlin Volunteer Fire Department also arrived to provide mutual aid, with firefighters remaining on scene until 4:15 p.m. to ensure flames did not rekindle. Kosse Fire Chief Jimmy O’Neal instructed firefighters on the attack, while those responding with mutual aid coordinated. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, though no injuries were reported.

Flames grew higher as Kosse Volunteer Fire Department battled with mutual aid from around the area. According to Investigator Jared Eno, the majority of damage was sustained on the outside of the house, while firefighter worked hard to ensure little affected the interior.

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