2020 Poetry Submissions


The Letter Carrier

I started as a substitute thirteen years ago

At first very hesitant and many slow times

Delivering the letters, parcels and flats

Keeping an eye on the dogs and a few mean cats

The boss was a good man, and oftentimes kind

He backed me up when I got in a bind

The two men ahead of me taught me all I knew

And reminded me often, when it rained, off I’d go

I carried the mail sack on my right side

The load was very heavy and some days I cried

I had a long route, I guess you could say

And when three o'clock came, I knew I’d made a day

And more often than not, in my ears would chime

The oft’ used word, heard times after time

As I walked through yards, past many a gate

“Where have you been, you’re one hour late”

Thirteen years of walking the best

Sloshing through rain, enduring the heat

Tho’ feet often aching. And back sometimes bent

I can say without doubt it’s been time well spent

Don Sadler



Dance Again

I forgot to remember, I like to dance

If only I can get one more chance

To sway my hips to the groove of the music

And flow my arms in the air

Sliding across the dance floor

Feeling the breeze in my hair.

I am lost in rhythm and melody

My eyes are closed and I can not see

My mind wonders to an awesome place

Lips sing so wonderfully with grace

Feet move from side to side

As I glide 

Off the dance floor

 The music has stopped.

Kendrill Thomas 

If I had Known..
Would I have thrown caution to the wind and do what I never dared 

And my resolution might have been to show everyone how much I cared 
Would Valentines have seemed silly because I'm not just loved on one day 
And would Jesus' victory; on Easter, brought peace no matter what came my way 
Would I have been more grateful for the freedoms I have known 
And maybe given more; to those with less, because I had abundance in my home 
Would I have gone back for seconds of the dessert I love so much
And hugged a little longer so you would remember the warmth of my touch 
There are so many things I believe I would have done 
If only I had known this year would be my last one. 

Ron L. Willis 


She knew about the earth, 
And was so wise, 
She was so kind, 
And knew how to sympathize. 
God fearing, Warm hearted, 
Woman with might, 
She seemed so fragile, 
But knew how to fight! 
Country down to her core, 
Welcoming to everyone, 
Who comes to her door. 
She'll feed you until you're plump, 
She always has a solution, 
No matter the slump! 
Adventuring soul, 
Warmest smile, 
She could plaster a wall, 
And lay down some tile. 
Smart as a whip, 
Sharp as a tack, 
And if you love her,
She’ll love you right back. 
Hailey Bozeman-Hill

Red Bird 

I heard once, 

That when we die, 

Our souls turn into 

Birds in the sky. 
Are we reincarnated? 

Or returned as spiritual guides? 

Do we chirp? 

Do we fly? 

What color feathers will we have? 

What about the red bird, 

Who catches my eye? 

Is it someone I used to know, 

Saying goodbye?

Why so shy, 

If a loved one from the past? 

I walk a little closer, 

But you fly away so fast. 
I notice you peeping through the window 

Like a little red spy. 

You sing me a song And I wonder why. 
“Oh, red bird! 

Why sing to me, 

You’re beautiful melody?” 
“What are chirping about?” 

I wonder. 

Is it something you forgot the say, 

When you were still a man, 

Just the other day? 
But no matter how hard I try,

I will never know, 

Who the little red bird is, 

Who catches my eye. 

Hailey Bozeman-Hill




When you're laying next to me,

It doesn’t feel the same.


You tell me everything's ok,

But I don’t feel the same.


When you embrace me,

It feels like a charade.

You ask me on a date

But my minds in a haze

I don’t even know what day it is

Sometimes I think you act like this

‘Cause it’s just a phase

But other times

You’re a puma

And I'm the prey you chase.


I lose track of the days,

And I know it's not okay.


You scare me,

And I'm afraid.


I wish you’d go away.


The pressure you put on me is beginning to weigh.


I have nothing left to say.


I pray.

Hailey Bozeman-Hill

~ Cowboy....
You say I'm a cowboy; like I should be ashamed Well;

I'm here to tell you, that I proudly carry the name.
I respect my elders, open doors and say sir or ma'am
That's what my parents taught me; so that's the way I am.
I was taught a prayer; before a meal, should not be forgot
And I support our troops; whether I believe in the war or not.
One nation under God is how we should be known
And prayer; I believe, in school it does belong.
My money should say In God We Trust, for that's what was intended.
We should quit being politically correct;
for it's God we keep offending.
So call me a cowboy and act as if it's a disgrace
But when I go to bed at night; God smiles upon my face!

Ron L. Willis 

"Neighbors in Heaven"    
When we get to Heaven; I hope we get to choose;  Who some of our neighbors are; because I'd certainly pick you.    
There will be no more tears there due to suffering, loss or pain;  But maybe we will share a few, when a loved one we are reunited with again.    
We can sit on our porches and I'll try to make you laugh;   Or we can work in our gardens, thanking God for removing our regrets.    
So; I pray now Father for I do not know, if there will be a porch or a garden,  But whatever You have in store for us there; can I stay close to this loved one?    
You see Father; a friend told me she hoped that I was her neighbor in Heaven;  And this brought tears and emotions; knowing I'm unworthy, yet still forgiven!    

Ron L. Willis 

The Forgotten Man
It crosses his mind at times,
Whether or not he will be remembered.
The sacrifices made that he doesn’t regret,
Others maybe never knowing,
How much his heart breaks.
The memories he was never part of,
That he wishes he was.
The love he’s given that no one knows of,
How he’s tried to protect them,
His family, his loved ones.
They know the love of Mom, Maw,
But have the realized the love of Dad, Dampa.
He’s always had a wall,
He guesses it’s his fault,
That he can’t let it down.
But he will never be able to share the hurt he’s known,
Or the pain that’s been felt.
It would just cause hard feelings,
Against those that are dead and gone.
He will continue until God calls him home,
He can only pray that he’ll be remembered when he’s gone.
The forgotten man,
The one that bears the load that others cannot see.
The provider, lover, husband, father, grandfather, brother, and friend.
He doesn’t understand why this is the way it must be,
But as always, he accepts his responsibilities.
The forgotten man,
A whisper in the wind,
The dust beneath the feet,
The tears on a cheek.
It’s the way of life,
Responsibilities to bear,
Love to share,
Ever vigilant, all seeing,
Ever forgotten…………
David A. Walton (Dave)
October 17, 2018

David Walton

A Taste of Summer
Early school bell rings
And the kids run wild
Saying goodbye to all their friends
Buses loaded out back
Parents sitting up front
Impatient for summer to began
Overnight bag for a sleepover down the street
Vacation out of town far from home would be sweet
No chores to do
We can stay up late
No homework too
Boy, I just can’t
The smell of fresh mowed grass
Ice cream truck, with a popsicle blast
Popcorn ball at a local fair
Sun beach sand all in my hair
Splashing at the pool in my bathing suit
Smoke filled air from the best Bar-B-Q
4th of July and fireworks at the Lake
Reunions, meeting cousins and to-go - home plates
Summer sausage, cheese, crackers and a cooler to go
Just a taste of summer, thought I’d let you know

Kendrill Thomas 

The only Difference you see, is Your Absence

You say I’m acting different and maybe I am

I don’t know how you notice, when your never around

I  had some time to think, while you were gone

Well you should sit and take a drink, it won’t be long

You see..

The distance we had, help me see

There is somewhere in life I need to be

And the space that your taking up in life

Has made me angry and building up strive

I know when you are here, you rather be there

You do not have the passion and don’t seem to care

I have tried and tried, so many ways

I have wasted enough time and have lost some days

So you see..

The distance you see, isn’t me

You were already gone, I just see you free

Kendrill Thomas 

My Hero Has Always Been Daddy

My hero is my daddy and I’m his biggest fan

For him I hope I will Always be there to do what I can

He put me on a horse and told me to ride and don’t hold the reins too tight

He didn’t have much patience with me, but that old mare knew I didn’t know much, and she stayed in his sight

I sat in my saddle at the age of 7 or 8 loudly crying

He would sat, “Ride that horse; you’re not even trying”

He would get mad if something didn’t go right when it came to working cows

He might say that he would rather be somewhere else, like working on the plow

My daddy is a big man, and he’s alway made me feel proud,

Even though he could sometimes get a little loud

He stands 6’2” and his rugged look, but has a tender heart

That’s what has made him the man he is and oh, so smart

Most people won’t argue with him because of his size

But he’s not so bad, just don’t ever tell him a lie

He would always tell me, “Go do this for me and I’ll give you a yankee dime”

But he wasn’t fooling me, I knew I would get that kiss that was already mine

Several years have gone by and daddy’s temper has calmed down

I can still count on him to come by and ask for a ride to town 

Now that I am grown and look back over the years with a smile,

I see what daddy has done and believe me, for him I would walk and extra mile

Kim Carter 


Life on a Farm

Have you ever been on a ranch or a farm?

It’s a very good sight with all the tractors and barns

If you have ever lived on one you will know what I mean

To understand what it’s like to grow potatoes and beans

Sometimes this life can be a battle

When it come to paying bills on just working cattle

No matter how hard it can be and patience run might thin

The love and determination never give in

Kim Carter 


Marriage According to Some People

Do you promise to obey?

Never say no, it’s always ok.

Walk the dog and feed the cat, 

Mow the yard and stuff like that

Go to work and bring home pay,

Don’t argue with me.. What did you say?

Come home early and don’t be late,

Stay away from the beer ,it’s not your mate

Come home mow, you heard me say so

IF you don’t, one of us will surely go

He can’t discuss, we always fight,

And you always say, “Don’t worry Honey, things will be all right”

If things don’t look up and we go in for the kill

Get a lawyer, and for goodness sakes write me in your will

I cook the meals and put them on the table

And no not now I’m not able!

A wife job is never ends,

But a husband thinks she never even begins

Buth there are times when we think of that little spark

That reminds us of our vows death do us part

When you get mad, every now and then,

Just try turning your back a while and count to ten

So as for now we are husband and wife

And that my dear is simply “Called Life”

Kim Carter


A Tribute to the Fightin' Goats

Twas the 21st of the month of football December,
And small-town Groesbeck could not ever remember
When the town Was alive with such  spirit & zeal
'Because The Goals were champions ;they Wore for real

Look! Up ip the air, what's that flying by?
It resembles a goat, but goats don't fly!
Oh no, you say, But it’s a different breed
It's a fighting Goat, and your best take heed!

It all started with Mart when we stumped our toe,
Then came St Plus, and It was go, GOATS, go.
We buried that team and alerted n streak,'

Until we played the Eagles and sprung a leak.
But, on, in between did we pillage and plunder,
The offense was lightning, the defense Was thunder.
Eight teams tried to stall out the express,
These Goats are mighty, they all must confess. 

From end to end the line performed well,
And it didn't take:long for those guys to Jell.

With Bennett; Brown, Gibson, & Cooper

The Big Red Machine was nothing less than super

The defense bent but seldom broke;

These guys just  didn't know. how to Choke.
They made a big play & were King of the Mount

And When they hit, you wont down for the count!

And then we started another streak,

And this time we patched that leak.

It started wilit Robinson, a rematch they wanted, 

We'll beat you now, we're on grass they flaunted

On grass they would win & play another day,

But the Goats were clicking and made them play

The Goats laid a trap had them caught,

The Rockets stored zilch, zero, which means naught!

Another rematch with.the fiercest Of birds

But the way the Goats played was beyond all Words.

We scrod at will, It was truly frightening

For once again we were thunder and lightning


A few other teams  had fallen to the Big Red
And everyone we.saying, Groesbeck, nuff said
On Morgan, on Earley; on Staggs and the line,
The defense was shining time after time

And so we came  to-the Houston Dome
And that turf made us feel: right at home
The Goats & the Dogs went toe to toe'
And It Was Truly a great defensive show.

But the Goats scored early & made it stand,
To be called the beat 3A team in the land.
Unranked, overlooked, but still the best

Because you had withstood test after test

And the battle cry started & Was heard-far & wide,
There ain't nothin’ like that good  Ole Goat pride

You won on turf, you won on grass

Because  nobody defended your run & your pass

And now it's over, but Our heads:still swell
Because you finally rang that championship bell.
You overcame bruises sprains & cramps
So say it real S-L-O-W; Groesbeck State Champs!

Don Sadler


20/20 VISION

2019 was rolling along just fine;

Smooth like a subtle glass of wine. 

Winter, spring, summer, fall,

Seemingly pass without a flaw. 

Oh, one worry, Australia ablaze;

Many thought we neared Doomsday.  

Fire killing over a billion of God’s critters

Firefighters, worldwide, were not quitters.  

But, we welcomed in the twenty-twenty year; 

Our plans for everything were oh so clear.  

In March, as we listened to the evening news

A few people somewhere in China had a new flu.

In Wuhan, a town of which we’d never heard.

To be worried about that would just be absurd. 

It was just a few people, not a concern in the least; 

It was miles away, in the Far East. 

Another case in Japan and one in the land of Thai, 

We sent up a quick prayer cuz it’s sad if someone dies. 

The WHO wasn’t worried; it’s not an emergency state.

What’s a few more meeting their fate? 

 Uh-oh, someone is sick in France!

But come to the United States; no chance!

Our leaders claimed is wasn’t a problem, no cause for worry;

While bodies started stacking up, no place to bury. 

Someone is sick in Canada, Australia, and now the U.S. 

This virus thing is beginning to seem like it could be a mess.

Now rules and guidelines banned travel away;

Inconvenienced us and ruined our plans to play. 

Just a month into 2020, a different story filled news time; 

Now it’s gone from nothing to something-- not so fine.  

An outbreak, an emergency, maybe there’s more to it; 

Could it affect our little towns of Groesbeck, Mexia or Jewett? 

Coronavirus, Covid-19, were some of our new words,

People sick and dying was all that we heard. 

Shelter-in-place, quarantine, pandemic..

Some people thought it was just a gimmick. 

Businesses closed, churches, and restaurants, too. 

Many had no job and didn’t know what to do. 

Grabbing, pushing, no worry about others

Where did that saying go about loving your brother?

Soap, cleaners and even toilet paper were hoarded.

People were buying up and stashing all they afforded,

Perfectly healthy-seeming people could pass on this disease.

Sick workers, no medical masks, numerous crises

Sports and all games cancelled for empty bleachers

Schools closed and parents became their child’s teacher.

Social –distancing is staying six feet from one another; 

Wear a mask so you don’t breathe germs on each other.  

Hospitals have filled up; not enough beds

Desperate medical staff – no cure, no meds.

Numbers affected grew; exponentially passed on.

People looked for who to put the blame on. 

Where is God in all of this turmoil?

Does he know me; is this my foil?

People are scared, especially those at risk;

Worrying about whether they’re on God’s or Satan’s list.

From a few to almost 2 million cases

It has spread to far and wide places.

All of a sudden, have we stopped to think? 

Is the world’s end on the brink?

Our world has changed; it will never be the same. 

Our new life, the ‘New Norm,’ is its new name. 

For once, we have our idea of hero right

Scientists research a cure and new insight. 

Families are spending more time together

Helping each other; this storm to weather. 

But, most of all turn to Almighty God.

Have true faith, not just a façade.

Is God sending us a message? What is he trying to say?

He wants us to believe in Him and many to change their ways. 

Lord help us; Holy Spirit bring insight,

Help to know what to do that is right. 

A belief in God won’t erase this disaster away

But inner comfort is His gift to move forward day by day. Let us use this global crisis as a sign, 

Not our control but of the Divine. 

For a solution, get on our knees and pray

Make our world better with God’s way.  

20/20 is the most accurate sight –

This year can bring you the healing light... 

In the beginning of this unprecedented year

Our vision into this pandemic has not been clear. 

Our physical sight sees so much distress.

The sight from the Spirit brings us God’s best. 

Nancy K. Harrell 



My hands are lonely for your touch.

My soul does need this memory:

Memories of your warm embrace.

Even among others I see your face.

What can I do ?

Oh, how I pray.

Help me oh lord

To capture my love again.

Ms. Pat Malone 



I wish I were young again.

No worries, no cares.

Oh childhood, where have you gone?

I’ve been replaced with worries and apprehensions

Never dreamed of.

My shoulders are laden with troubles and my

Mind is wrought.

No more can I laugh at things that seemed funny,

But were serious.

Childhood is unknowingly vague about such things.

Oh, to run and laugh and make believe again.

Keep what youth you have and cherish it,

Because once it has gone, it can not return.

Ms. Pat Malone 



Life is great, they say.

Magnanimous in vitality and spirit.

That’s my life now, when you are here.

I droop without your presence.

My devotion could never die.

Do not question it.

Here’s my heart on a pedestal.

Words flow so freely and easy.

Why remain silent when the world should know?

Feelings were not meant to be hidden.

And mine are so manifold.

So take my heart.

Let it be your guide.

Maybe that will help you through.

And only time is left:

Need I abide?

Ms. Pat Malone 


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