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The Groesbeck Journal: Celebrating 132 Years of Community Journalism

A surprising discovery has been made in the archives, shedding light on a piece of local history. While searching for a topic to spotlight this week, an article from 1939 entitled “The Journal Has A Birthday” was unearthed from the bottom of a front page. Further investigation and a process of elimination revealed the date of this milestone: February 21.
It's a remarkable coincidence that as I began the search for a new weekly article on local history, the week I chose to start happened to coincide with the Journal’s previously unknown birthday. The Groesbeck Journal, founded in February 1892 by W. C. Morris, had predecessors in Groesbeck, but none had endured. Other editors and publishers of the Journal included Henry Ellis, B. W. Lawley, and Ira Lawley.
In January or February of 1930, Jack R. Hawkins purchased the Journal and served as its editor-publisher until his passing on April 1, 1988. Throughout these years, Hawkins was greatly supported in running the Journal by his wife, Euleta Ruth Sharp Hawkins. Both Hawkinses were deeply involved in various community organizations and activities.
During World War II, when resources were scarce, the Journal took on the ownership and publication of The Thornton Hustler and The Kosse Cyclone. The Journal remained in the Hawkins family until 2014, with Thomas E. (Tom) Hawkins serving as editor-publisher until its sale to the Moser Publishing Company.
Happy 132nd Birthday to the Groesbeck Journal! Here’s to another 132 years. Stay tuned for more local history spotlights in future editions.

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