• Photo courtesy of Facebook
    Member of the #RockingGroesbeck group Lisa Jane Stewart posted this picture with the caption “Such a relaxing place” to help point anyone searching for this rock in the right direction.

#RockingGroesbeck: Community Joins in Artsy, Outside Fun!

By Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal Staff Writer

Groesbeck has recently joined in on the rock-painting, hiding and finding fun, modeled after the Kindness Rocks Project. A public group called #RockingGroesbeck has been formed on Facebook, and the concept is pretty straight forward: find plain rocks, paint them in a creative way (with positive messages, funny faces or pretty designs) and go out into the community to hide the rock so someone else can find it! When you hide the rock, take a picture that hints at the location and type up a clue if you like, post it in the group, and anyone who sees the post and wants to seek out your rock has a chance at finding it. When you find a rock, you can re-hide it and follow the same picture/clue format, or keep the rock and bring a new rock to the game, hiding it wherever you please.

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