Groesbeck native, Sean Stone, makes first appearance on ‘The Son’

by Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer
“In high school, I actually didn’t make the One Act Plays, I was alternate my senior year.” Stone said. “I wasn’t in the class, I was an athlete, and I was in band too, so I didn’t have another elective to be in the theater class. I think that kind of went against bringing me into the play because I couldn’t work on it during the period.”

Sean Stone alongside costar James Parks, onset of AMC’s original series, The Son. Photo credit, Van Redin/AMC

This past Saturday, April 22, Groesbeck’s own Sean Stone made his first appearance on AMC’s Western Drama, The Son. Stone agrees that this is the biggest show he’s done so far, and he is passionate about the genre that may set the stage for his breakthrough.

“A Western is always a little kid’s dream, especially in Texas,” Stone said. “You grow up with people like John Wayne, Clint Eastwood doing their thing and you get wrapped up in it. You want to go be that hero, you want to shoot the guns and ride the horses and save the day, so it was really fun to be a part of that having grown up in the kind of culture that IS Texas, instilling that kind of western genre into who I am.”

Stone grew up in Groesbeck, living by the ball park most of his childhood. He was into “all the things boys are into,” like Pokémon, being outside, causing trouble and riding bikes. Much like the story of a famous actor from Groesbeck that came before him, Joe Don Baker, Stone didn’t star in high school plays as one might expect, considering his growing success in the acting world.

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