Civil War Re-enactment

Civil War re-enactors prepare to fire a cannon at the Confederate Reunion Grounds on Saturday, April 29, the first of a two-day event held annually at the Grounds. Although no battles took place here, the re-enactment and displays of living history help people realize what life must have been like at that time. 


Civil War re-enactors portraying Confederate soldiers listen patiently as their leader addresses them, complimenting them on their work, asking who will come back the following day, and reminding them of the integrity of Confederate States of America President Jefferson Davis. The men raised their hats and shouted, ‘Hurrah’ after the speech,which took place after the battle on Saturday, April 29, at the Confederate Reunion Grounds’ annual Civil War Re-enactment.


Civil War re-enactor Leigh Anne, of Alvarado, at right, shows Marlena Holmes, 4, of Cleburne, a chick from her home farm, at the Confederate Reunion Grounds on Saturday, April 29. The display was part of the annual Civil War Re-enactment and Living History event.

(Photos by Roxanne Thompson/The Groesbeck Journal)

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