Catholic Corner: The Holy Bible Part 1

By St. Mary's Catholic Church, Mexia

The Holy Bible - Part One                                                                                                              


Origin/History of the Bible: No book in the history of the world has wielded as much influence on civilization as the Holy Bible. The Bible is unique in that it had God as its Author, while all others books were composed by human beings. No original manuscripts of the Bible have come down to us, due to the perishable material upon which they were written and the fact that the Roman emperors decreed the destruction of the manuscripts during the Christian persecutions. While none of the original manuscripts are known to exist, some very ancient transcriptions have survived the years.

The Deposit of Faith: The Catholic Church derives all of its teaching authority from its tradition, the doctrine which has come down to it from Christ. This tradition is preserved in written form in the “Bible” which contains the principle truths of faith taught to the Apostles by Christ.                  

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