Limestone-Falls Soil & Water Conservation District #501 is over 75 years assisting agiculture in Limestone and Falls Counties.

In 1939, the State Soil Conservation Board was organized to implement state conservation laws and organize and assist soil-conservation districts across the state in response to the devastating Dust Bowl of the 1930s. State headquarters was established in Temple, and a five-member board served as the agency's policy-making body. Sixteen soil-conservation districts were organized by 1949. In 1965 the agency's name was changed to the State Soil and Water Conservation Board. Over the years the board has coordinated a variety of programs. In cooperation with other conservation and agricultural agencies, over a billion feet of terraces have been constructed to prevent soil erosion. The board also works with the Railroad Commission to examine and care for areas affected by mining operations. By 2003 the number of conservation districts in Texas had grown to 216.


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