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Thornton Homecoming Queen 2017

By Linda Lou Sills Naff

2017 Thornton Ex-Students Homecoming Queen

It is an honor to serve as the 2017 Thornton Ex-Students Homecoming Queen. My thanks to the Committee for selecting me.

Thornton has many good memories for me. I remember so many kind, generous, and friendly people I knew while living in Thornton from age 2 through 18. Some of those folks I recall with fond memories are Mrs. Thelma Jackson and her work with the youth at the Baptist church; the J.T. Neason family (wonderful neighbors and childhood playmates (Joe and I regularly fought – much to Mr. Neason’s enjoyment)); the Gordons and the beautiful flowers in their yard – I still have two glass figurines Mrs. Gordon gave Edith Nan and me; the Sadler’s, the Richardson’s, the Clancy’s and their grocery stores; and of course many others.

My first friend in Thornton was Billy Jack Rasco. When we were 3 or 4 years old, we were neighbors and played together. That friendship has lasted not only through the 12 years of school but we’re fortunate to see each other, as well as another classmate, Wayne Sharp, occasionally when a group of Thornton ex-students living in the East Texas area meet for lunch in Tyler. My dearest and longest friendship is with Robbie Thames Ahlfinger – beginning from my first and her second year of school. When we would spend the night with one another, Robbie and I always got a lot of parental warnings about our talking after everyone went to bed. It was amazing how much we found to discuss and laugh about after we went to bed. We still talk and see each other on a regular basis. Other dear friends were Molly Brooks Ferguson, JoAnn Truett Durham, Linda Ann Humphries Lyon, Martha Lewis Stanton, Nelda Stutts Houston, and June Holmes Kilpatrick. Linda Ann and I spend many childhood hours playing jacks and she taught me to roller skate. Molly and I bought “cheerleading jackets” matching the boys’ football jackets. That didn’t go over real well in some quarters but we thoroughly enjoyed wearing them. I can still see JoAnn jumping out of her family’s Mercury as were riding down the highway when some malfunction happened – maybe the clutch slipping? She was out of the car in a flash, had the hood up, worked her miracle, back in the car and away we went. One time when I spent the night with Martha, after school we played in a field on their place. Later Martha told me that Mr. Pete told her we ruined quite a bit of his vetch patch. It is always great to see these and other friends from our school years. I was fortunate to have several classmates through all 12 years of school- Gene Ray Alston, Billy Jack Rasco, Waydell Reynolds and Jerry Tilley. Jerry and I both attended Navarro Junior College our freshman year of college.

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