Shepherd Sayings

Pastor Jack, Kosse Baptist Church       

As we celebrate July the 4th, we are reminded that American freedom came at the price of many lives and fortunes. However, this heroic victory by our ancestors has lifted the hopes of millions of down trodden people.

The desire for freedom inflames the dreams of millions. On this day, let us rejoice in our God given liberty as Americans, without forgetting that God our creator is the origin of true and total freedom. He longs to give all people true spiritual freedom.




Freedom is a lovely word,

                        of which we have heard.

Freedom by decision making,

                        true freedom in taking.

Freedom may have a high cost,

                        true freedom can be lost.

Freedom may pass through pain,

                        true freedom to obtain.

Freedom comes by a choice,

                        true freedom is a voice.

Freedom has a joyful ring,

                        true freedom is to sing.

Freedom in Christ the king,

                        true freedom not a thing.

Freedom for all your life,

                        true freedom not strife.

Freedom is yours to receive,

                        true freedom to believe.

Freedom in Jesus the lord,

                        true freedom your reward.

Freedom to begin again,

                        true freedom and amen!          



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