Clif Notes

What Shall We Pack for the Journey?

By Clifton Fox, church of Christ

Brenda and I will leave August 16th to attend the Polishing the Pulpit Lectureships in the Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee. This event is awesome! Several dozen of our best preachers, teachers and University scholars from around the country will teach 200 lectures in 10 different teaching tracts. The messages are all about making men like me to become better preachers. Hence, the title “Polishing the Pulpit.” I will return as a better preacher for the ministry here because of the week’s investment. As we pack for our adventure, Brenda and I must be conservative in the amount of stuff we take on the flight. Airlines impose baggage number restrictions and luggage weight limits for our flight. We will certainly pack the most important items though. My friend, what would you take on such a venture? I am reminded of a Christian lady I read about: 

She said to her friend, who was watching her pack suit cases, “Well, I'm just about finished packing.  I only have to put in a guidebook, a map, my lamp, my mirror, my favorite love letters, a microscope, a telescope, a volume of fine poetry, a song book, a few biographies, a package of old letters, a sword, and a set of books I have been studying.” Her friend questioned her, “How do you intend to get all that in your suitcase? It's almost full now!” The young woman replied, “Oh, all that won't take much room.” She then walked over to a table; picked up her Bible, placed it in her suitcase, and closed the lid. Winking at her friend, she said, “And I even got in a loaf of living bread, too.”

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