Thornton Senior News

By Jane Carpenter

We were blessed by a visit from Amanda McLean who brought with her Patricia Townsend, Home Health Coordinator, and spoke to us on home health. She was amazing as she had had a stroke just a few months ago and wasn't walking or talking and is now back on her feet and speaking and going forward with her job. Not only did she speak but she brought a delicious peach cobbler for us to enjoy. Thank you Patricia for all you do for us.

Those in attendance today were Sandra Spivey, Ann Brown, Ernestine Audd, Ann Carr, LTC volunteer, Wayne Sharp, Fonetta Simmons, Elizabeth Neason, Bobbie Reynolds, Jane Carpenter, Neennah German, Wilma Lee, Sue Gambini, LTC volunteer; Alta Hyden, Helen Harvey, Alma Stewart, Janice Bilbrey, Amanda McLean, Pat Jones, and guest speaker Patricia Townsend.

I have to say it felt good to be back with our group since I have just been running in and out while working at the Farmers State Bank full time the past two months. So sad on the other hand because we are without a banking facility in our little town for the first time in over one hundred years. Time marches on and changes everything, I suppose. Not only thanks to you for being our customers but thank you for being friends here in Thornton. I've made lots of friends in my tenure with the bank, not only here but in Groesbeck while working there.

Let's just say I've worked for them half my life, which has been since January 1977.

We had 7 games of bingo and winners were Wilma Lee, Alma McCurry, Jane Carpenter, Helen Harvey, Wayne Sharp, Neennah German winning one and the blackout. Congratulations. We need to get our 42 games started back again and maybe since winter is coming on, we can do just that. Maybe Joe Brown is reading this, he loves 42.

It was reported that Joe Neason is doing well with his rehab in Waco. We pray for his speedy recovery. Saw Linda Watson out of Windsor Nursing Home, on a date with her husband at Kosse Café having a fish dinner. Hope you will soon be out and home, Linda.

We pray for others there in the nursing facilities, Nancy, Betty, Joe Brown, and Wilmer Spivey to name a few.

The Community Center is progressing really well. I understand they are putting sheetrock up inside. I must get by there to check it out, soon.

Our menu for the 9th of Nov. is ham and beans, greens, corn bread and butterscotch pudding.

Hope to see you all there once again. Bring a friend.

Thank you Central Baptist Church for use of building and Joe Neason Contracting for ice.

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