Scammers use spoofing tactics to scam locals

A note from the Groesbeck Police Department…

We received a report last Friday rom a couple who had been scammed via telephone. The caller used “spoofing” to make it appear they were calling from the Limestone County Clerk’s Office. The caller told the victim they worked for the clerk’s office and were collecting on an old debt and needed to collect payment or the victim would “suffer legal action”. The victim then provided the caller with their bank information which allowed the scammer to remove funds from the victim’s bank account.

We spoke with Limestone County Clerk Peggy Beck and she stated her office does not attempt to collect debts or threaten legal action. In this particular case, the scammer claimed to represent the local county clerk’s office but referred the victim to an Austin-based phone number for payment. If you should receive a call that appears to be from a local entity, especially if they claim to be with law enforcement or city/county government, please ask for a local callback number and attempt to confirm the information you are given. “Spoofing” has become a widespread issue and has resulted in numerous scams being perpetrated on unsuspecting victims. We encourage our citizens to always be mindful of any caller that demands your bank or credit card information via telephone.

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