Thornton Senior News

By Jane Carpenter

Talking about Santa Claus coming at this time of year. Well it was better than that Thursday when Jack "Apple Jack" Thompson came walking into the center along with is caretaker Merilyn Simpson. What a greeting they received as everyone was so happy to see Jack back, thanks to Merilyn coming out of her retirement and back taking care of Jack's needs. Thank you, Merilyn.

Those there to greet them were Ann Carr, Neenah German, Elizabeth Neason, Alma McCurry, Helen Harvey, Fonetta Simmons, Wayne Sharp, Sonny Bilbrey, Gayla Lind, Pat Jones, Janice Bilbrey, Glenn Jones, and myself. Glenn Jones was a newcomer and hope he will be a regular.

We had several out sick being Ernestine Audd, Raye Spivey, Sandra Spivey, Linda Watson and there may be others that I don't know about. Linda Taylor did come by for a few minutes but didn't stay. Bobbie Reynolds was at appointment. We pray everyone will soon be well and back with us as we surely miss you when you aren't with us.

Ann Carr and Elizabeth Neason called several games of Bingo and winners were Jack Thompson, Merilyn Simpson, Neenah German, Alma McCurry, Helen Harvey and the Blackout winner went to two, Gayla Lind and myself. Congratulations.

Pray that each and everyone has a blessed Christmas with family and friends and plenty to eat.

Our menu for the 28th is to be Swiss steak, rice pilaf, Brussel sprouts, bread and mixed fruit and drink. . Hope to see you all there.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2018!!!!

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