Water leak the result of aging pipes, moisture changes

By Roxanne Thompson, Staff Writer

Groesbeck city council members heard at their Dec. 19 meeting details on the water leak of Sunday, Dec. 17, which affected part of the city for several hours.

City Administrator Chris Henson noted that the leak was repaired quickly, and he invited Public Works Director Keith Tilley to tell the council more about it.

Tilley said the leak had occurred outside the city limits, just north of Church on the Rock.

“There’s a 10-inch water line that feeds everything north of the city, all the way out to Ridgewood Park Road,” Tilley said. “Luckily, it was right on this side of this big, tall game fence that Billy Bever has over there, and we were able to get to it with a backhoe fairly quickly.”

Tilley said the city did not have to issue a boil-water notice because he never removed the water pressure completely. 

“The cause for most of these breaks of late has been weather related,” Henson said, adding that the pipe on Ellis Street was 100 years old; and the shifting ground contributes to water leaks.

Tilley said the break was caused by a long stretch of drought conditions followed by rain, which contributes to the stress on pipes of any age.

Mayor Ray O’Docharty told Tilley he would like to confer with him in the upcoming year to find a way to isolate pipes so not as many people’s water is affected when pipes break. Tilley said he had already obtained some estimates and would show them to O’Docharty soon.

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