Thornton Senior News

By Jane Carpenter

I wasn't at the Senior Citizens Center but got a good report from Janice Bilbrey on the attendance, considering the weather, sickness and the holidays. Only twelve in attendance being Janice, Bobbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Neason, Wayne Sharp, Ernestine Audd, Alma McCurry, Fonetta Simmons, Ann Carr, Neenah German, Pat Jones and Linda Watson. So glad to hear Linda had been to Dr. and got a good report and was able to attend the gathering today. I was working at Farmers State Bank in Groesbeck on Thursday and Friday, since so many out with flu, etc. and got the call, and you know when duty calls, gotta answer. Sue Wood was out of town visiting son for Christmas same as Glenda Gambini, Wilma Lee, and Helen Harvey had out of town guests. Glad our lady Ernestine Audd was recouped from the flu as well. Others we don't know about but hope they return to us soon.

No report on winners of bingo but Janice did say she heard a certain lady by the name of Neenah saying something about being the big winner of the day and having several prizes in hand as she left the building, Congratulations Neenah.

Our next menu is: Lemon pepper chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, broccoli and blonde brownies. Sounds pretty good to start off the New Year with.

By the time this comes out in newspaper, it will already be 2018 and here's hoping you had a safe and happy New Year's celebration. Pray for our country and especially our President and other leaders as they make decisions for our future in this world of trouble times.

Stay warm and safe and hope to see you Thursday, Jan. 4, 2018, weather permitting for us to be out and about.

Happy New Year, 2018.

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