Commitment or Surrender

Clif Fox, Church of Christ

I’m considering my New Year's resolutions. As it is for many of us, dieting is high on the list. Then, there is becoming an ever-better husband, and my plan to learn Spanish. And, of course, as a Christian, reading my Bible more and praying more, and becoming a better preacher top the list. These are all commitments I make each New Year, but that is where I go wrong. Even though I am making commitments, those commitments are based on my strength, my drive, my ability to persevere. So, like most people, three weeks later, I am back to my old routines, with commitments compromised.

For most of my resolutions, such relapses are “acceptable.” I can survive another year being a tad overweight or being mono-lingual. However, can I survive another year of not becoming what I ought to be as a Christian? All other goals pale in comparison to this one goal. How do I keep that from becoming another failed resolution, another failed commitment? The answer isI’ll no longer make it a commitment. I will surrender to God (Gal. 2:20).

To surrender means "to give oneself into the power or control of God."  I cannot successfully commit to be like Christ. When it’s attempted on my own ability, failure is certain (2nd Cor. 12:10). I must surrender my will, my desires and my goals. I have one New Year's resolution this year: to surrender. Each day I will surrender. Only by daily surrender, can I truly place my life in his hands.

Which will you do this year? Commit or surrender?  If you surrender, don’t look for accolades and applause, except from the hands of Jesus. You will become His work, His tool, and His creation. The fact is, art critics give awards to the artist…not to the canvas. There’s no Pulitzer Prize given to ink.  Can you imagine a scalpel bragging after a successful heart transplant?  Of course not. Canvas and scalpels are merely tools in the master’s hand. So, they get no credit for the accomplishment.

The 23rd Psalm offers 7 great reasons to surrender. We receive rest, salvation, blessings, and a home in heaven in the Psalm; And none of this is earned by our commitment. Who earns the glory in the Psalm? The one who did the work? 7 GREAT REASONS TO SURRENDER 7 GREAT REASONS TO SURRENDER

So, God deserves credit: His name gets the glory. In Psalm 23, the Shepherd leads His sheep, not for OUR name’s sake, but "for HIS name's sake." God’s name and glory. No other name on the marquee, or up in lights. No other name on the front page. It’s all for God's glory. Join us Sunday, as we give Him glory and surrender 2018 to His will.

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