Gun Show in Groesbeck, Saturday and Sunday at Convention Center

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Reporter

This weekend, Saturday, January 13 and Sunday, January 14, Whipp Farm Productions will be hosting a gun show at the Groesbeck Convention Center, and the list of vendors is already hovering between 60 and 70, with more likely to sign up before doors open Saturday.

“As far as anybody knows, there has never been a gun show in Groesbeck,” said Charles Montgomery, Owner of Whipp Farm Productions. “We love doing the first one because odd stuff comes in that’s been in drawers and closets for generations and they may not necessarily bring it to sell it but they’ll bring it to get an appraisal or just to show it off. I mean there are guns that come in that you’ve never seen, really rare, cool stuff.”

Montgomery has been traveling to host gun shows all over Texas for the past 10 years, bringing vendors with a wide selection of guns, handguns, custom knives, accessories and more to each show. One of the bigger vendors that travels with Whipp Farm Productions kept track of who bought what last year, and 60% of the guns they sold last year were to women.

“Women are buying more guns now than the men are, hands down.” Montgomery said. “We have a lot of concealed carry purses for ladies that have guns and want to carry in their purse, there’s a special compartment in there. There’s all kinds of things at each show, jewelry, a lot of different stuff there other than just guns.”

Whipp Farm Productions also participate in antique shows, namely the bi-annual Antique Alley Festival in Cleburne, Texas, their home base and the location listed on their website.

“That was my grandparent’s property, they bought it in the 1940s or late 1930s, and since their last name was Whipp we call it Whipp Farms,” Montgomery explained. “That’s where we have our Antique Alley twice a year. When we started doing the gun shows, since we’re at Whipp Farms anyway, we made our company name Whipp Farm Productions.”

Montgomery expects more vendors to call and sign up after advertising hits area newspapers, but is pleased with the interest already being shown.

“Right now I think we’re right at 60 or 70 tables, which, for a first show, that’s not bad at all. Our smallest show is in Mineral Wells and it was 46 tables last year and it was a blast,” Montgomery said. “Everybody out of Pinto County shows up and brings stuff and buys stuff. Some of ‘em come just for the free coffee and to stand around and catch up with the gossip.”

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