Thornton Senior News

By Jane Carpenter

What a great day at Senior Citizens we had this past week with 22 being there: Raye Spivey, Sandra Spivey, Linda Watson, Roger Watson, Linda Taylor, Tammy Ramsey with H.O.T. Hospice, Elizabeth Neason, Sue Wood and Ann Carr all three being LMC volunteers, Neenah German, Wilma Lee, Fonetta Simmons, Bob Walters, Lonah Walters, Wayne Sharp, Alma Stewart, Helen Harvey, Alta Hyden, Pat Jones, Geri Lavasser, Janice Bilbrey and myself. I might say this was a very lively bunch. Must have been the warming up somewhat of the weather. Among those missing was Geraldine Audd over the flu but not feeling well enough to be with us, Bobbie Reynolds dental work, Jack Thompson in Scott & White in Killeen as Waco and Temple were full. These are only ones I got a report on and we pray they will soon be well and back with us. Joe Neason is in Providence Hospital as is Barry Owen and they need our prayers as well. Others in our community having lost love ones need our prayers as well.

Thanks goes out to Sue Wood for the pumpkin cake with whipped topping, Joe Neason Contracting for the ice and to Central Baptist Church for our meeting place.

The menu for this week is Chicken and Dumplings, cabbage, cornbread and strawberry shortcake with whipped topping. I would say this is our MOST FAVORITE menu of all.

Winners at bingo this week were Alma Stewart, Neenah German and I won two games each and Wayne Sharp won one game.

Haven't had a report on the Community Center in quite a while, but seems like it should be finished any time now but guess the extremely cold weather has slowed them down also.

Stay well and hope to see everyone back this week.


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