Groesbeck Senior Citizen News

By Kelli Young, Site Manager

Hello everyone from all of us at the center. We hope you are all doing well and no one has the flu. My mother is doing better and she is over the flu and pneumonia. She is still having a lot of congestion and hasn’t started therapy yet. She has to have therapy for the stroke she had last week. Judy Woodall had her surgery Friday and we hope it was a success. Keep them in your prayers for complete healing and speedy recovery. To God be the glory and we thank Him in advance for answering our prayers. Pat, Eva, Iva and Kay were here to watch the movie on Wednesday. We had Ann Vinson here Tuesday calling bingo for us. We really enjoyed seeing her very much and look forward to her return. We thank her very much for all she does here. We had Andrea Lopez with LTC calling bingo for us Friday. We thank her for all she does here at the center and in the community. The jackpot winners were Iva Fulcher on Tuesday and Judy Woodall on Friday. We hope you all stayed warm through the freezing temperatures.

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