I Ain’t Afraid of No Ghost!

Clif Fox, Church of Christ

     The comedy movie, Ghost Busters, carried the famous line: “I ain’t afraid of no ghost.” Well, Jesus’ twelve disciples certainly were. In Mark 6:47, they saw Jesus walking on the sea and thought he was a ghost.  They cried out terrified. After Jesus climbed into the boat, he calmed their fears and criticized their ghost-phobia. Fear staggers faith; paralyzes efforts; and drowns our hope, peace and love.  It undermines our trust in God; makes us unwilling to risk and halts progress and productivity. Let’s explore how fear may stifle our Faith, yet, is also conquered by faith.


     1st, Fear appears in our Uncontrolled future. We fear what may or may not happen. Our faith can conquer such fear (Rom. 8:28-37). However, when we try to control our futures, we constantly ask “what ifs” for fear of losing stuff. We imagine dreaded, terrible outcomes (Matt. 25:25).   My friend, if our faith is in Christ, we lose nothing (Mk. 10:29-30; 1st Jn. 5:4).


     2nd, Fear appears in Life’s storms. Such fear staggers faith. In Mark 4:37-40 a great windstorm arose while Jesus slept in the boat. His disciples cried in terror. Jesus responded to them, "Why are you so afraid? Have you no faith?" I’m curious how he could ignore what they saw and knew was certain destruction? Perhaps we too should learn to ignore storms by faith.


     3rd, Fear appears in trying new things. Such fear paralyzes our efforts to try. On one occasion, Jesus invited Peter to step out of a boat and to walk on water (Matt. 14:29). When Peter saw the wind, he started doubting his new water walking thing. After all, he’d never tried that before! We need a huge faith when trying something new. To grow such faith, we should study faith’s source (the Bible, Rom. 10:17) and find a faith buddy, who will encourage us, and become someone to share our faith with.


     4th, Fear appears in facing death’s threat and our own mortality. When Peter walked on water (Matt. 14:29), the death threat of wind and waves overwhelmed him with death’s terror. Teens faced this threat just last week. On Wednesday, February 14th, a young shooter killed several students and wounded others at Parkland High School near Miami. It is so wrong, but sometimes even teens face death’s threat. How do we face such a certain end?  Again, it is by our faith. Those saved by faith need not fear death (Rom. 5:1-3, Col. 2:12-13).


     5th, Fear appears in facing judgment for those unprepared. Of all our fears, this is the only legitimate fear (Matt. 10:28). And, it is conquered by faith. Are you lost? Do you face a fearful expectation of fiery judgment (Heb. 10:26)?  You need not fear if your hope and trust is in Jesus (Mk. 16:16). So, whether it’s the cloudy future of new efforts; a troubling storm with howling death threats; or the judgment to come, fear not. Even if you see a ghost…remember: I ain’t afraid of no ghost. www.groesbeckcoc.com


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