• Groesbeck Journal photo/Alexandra Cannon
    Groesbeck Police Chief, Chris Henson addresses the attendants at the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce meeting on active shooter awareness on February 15 at the Groesbeck Convention Center. Pictured to his left is Groesbeck Chamber President, Ken Givens (right) and Limestone County Sheriff, Dennis Wilson (left).
  • Groesbeck Journal photo/Alexandra Cannon
    Captain Lee Cox with the Limestone County Sheriff's Office presented a hour long presentation on active shooter training at the Groesbeck Convention Center on February 15 as part of the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce regular meeting.
  • Contributed photo/Groesbeck Police Department
    Groesbeck Police Department, Detective Blanco conducting active shooter training with task force members Monday, February 19 at the old Groesbeck Police Department (formerly Groesbeck Elementary).

Groesbeck Chamber, PD and Limestone Co. Sheriff’s Office educate community on active shooter preparedness

By Jennifer Paul, Groesbeck Journal Editor, GM

Only a day after another school shooting in Florida, the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce teamed up with the Limestone County Sheriff's Office to prepare business owners and residents for the worst case scenario in an active shooter situation.

It's just a coincidence that this training falls one day after another tragedy.

"Is it timely? Yes. Is it topical? Yes," Ken Givens, Groesbeck Chamber president said. "It's important and I'm so sorry that it happened but it does point out the need for this type of education.”

Givens said they've been planning this event ever since the church shooting in South Texas back in November.

Nearly 100 people showed up to the Groesbeck Convention Center on Tuesday, February 15 to learn the dos and don'ts in an active shooter situation.

"Even our small communities that we thought, you know, maybe 10 years ago were safe from these things, obviously are not anymore," said Kathy Jackson, Groesbeck business owner. "It's sad what this world has come to."

"Most everybody knows how we respond, or they have an idea from what they've seen on TV, but they don't know what they should do and we wanted to educate the public on some of the things they should do and look at and prepare for," said Captain Lee Cox with the Limestone County Sheriff's Office.

Cox presented an hour long presentation to the attendants who also had the option of purchasing a catered lunch from Billy B’s Sale Barn Cafe in Groesbeck.

An “active shooter” is defined as someone with a gun engaged in killing or trying to kill people in a confined and populated place. The main rule of practice that can be learned in any active shooter situation is to run, hide or fight. When in an active shooter situation, knowing how to respond in your situation is vital.

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