When Christians Face Addictions:

Clifton Fox, Church of Christ

  According to the Mental Health of America Association, substance abuse/addiction afflicts an estimated 25 mill  Americans. indirectly (families of abusers) an additional 40 mill are affected. The monetary cost to society and the economy because of reduced productivity, property damage, accidents, and health care are astounding. Alcoholism impacts 16 mill adults & 300,000 children. 21.6 million (age 12 & older) are addicted to hypnotics or barbiturates, opiates, sedatives, hallucinogens and psychostimulants. Here are five symptoms of substance use. Their life-changing negative effects on life are clear signs of addiction:


  • Continued use of drugs or alcohol even when experiencing destructive results
  • Using increasing amounts of drugs or alcohol to get same "good feeling"
  • Finding it difficult to stop (withdrawal symptoms) with trembling, hallucinations, sweating.
  • Physical/emotional need for drugs/drink to feel normal   (calm, emotionally stable) 
  • Obsessed trying to find ways to get drugs/alcohol even when it cripples work/school/relationships


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