Jail, Juvenile stats for November

Mexia News Staff Report

Limestone County commissioners heard the November statistics for the Law Enforcement Center, which includes the Sheriff’s Office, County Jail and Dispatch Department; and for the Juvenile Detention Center, which houses Limestone and Freestone counties’ juvenile detainees and also contracts with other counties to hold theirs.

The court heard the statistics from Sheriff Dennis Wilson at its Dec. 19 meeting. According to Wilson:

• Deputies traveled 1,124 miles transporting inmates to Texas Department of Criminal Justice facilities.

• The cost of that travel totaled $4,012.

• 103 arrestees were processed into the jail.

• 102 inmates were released.

• The average daily inmate population was 131.

• The average daily out-of-county inmate population was 40.

• The cost of providing food to the Juvenile Detention Center was $1,898.

• The Dispatch Department received 2,593 calls, of which 948 were for 911 service.

• The population the morning of the meeting was 126, of which 101 were male, 25 were female; and 32 of which were being held for Freestone County.

In a separate matter, Juvenile Detention Center Director Brian Swick gave the court the November statistics for the Juvenile Center:

• The Center began with seven detainees, to which 26 were added and 20 released, leaving 13 at the end of the month.

The minimum number of detainees in one day was seven; the maximum, 13. The average daily population was 10. The number of detainees that morning was 13. The total number of detention days totaled 338.

Also concerning the Juvenile Detention Center, County Judge Daniel Burkeen confirmed that the Juvenile Board meeting, which had been rescheduled because of the funeral for DPS Trooper Damon Allen, will take place Jan. 5.

“The main thing on the agenda is just going to be recertification of the facility,” Swick said.

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