Limestone County Museum Board Meeting

The Directors of the Limestone County Historical Museum met on February 3, 2018 at 10:00 am at the Limestone County Museum, which is located at 210 W. Navasota Street in Groesbeck.  Board members present were Tom Hawkins, Larry Smith, Dixie Hoover, Debbie McCall, Cindy Pollard, and William Reagan.

After calling the meeting to order, Mr. Hawkins reported that the museum’s current fund balance was $1200 and that the payment for the insurance on the museum building had been made.  He added that the museum’s IRS forms were currently being done by Truck It Up! Taxes and Bookkeeping Service of Groesbeck.

Members were reminded that Mr. Smith and Mrs. Hoover would be working on plans for a future fundraising campaign.  It was agreed that the museum would participate in Groesbeck’s next city-wide garage sale to also raise funds for the museum.  Mr. Hawkins stated that he would find out the date. Mrs. Pollard suggested that since the county flag has not been available for sale in recent years, the museum board might check into making those available as a fundraising source.

Board members discussed conditions of the museum building and options for relocating the museum to a better facility including an option that might be made available in the near future.  Mrs. Hoover mentioned that there would be local funds possibly available to help with relocating the museum, publicity, and care of the museum’s collection.  Needed repairs to the museum building were discussed, and Mr. Hawkins suggested that the board get estimates to make repairs to the floor in the restroom.

Mr. Smith and Mrs. Hoover shared information about the Limestone County tourism website that is being developed.  They stated that the museum would have either a page on the website or at least a link to the museum’s website.

Mr. Reagan shared some information on the Past Perfect museum management software.  The county museum’s collection currently needs to be properly cataloged and archived.  He suggested that when the museum is able to have a proper place to archive its collection, this might be something that could be purchased to better manage the collection records.  Mrs. Hoover stated that she was familiar with the software and recommended it for small museums.  Mr. Reagan added that there should be grants available to help pay for the software and the computer and external hard drive that would also be needed. 

Mr. Smith suggested that the board should think about placing something outside the museum like flags or a banner to help draw more visitors to the museum.

Mrs. McCall shared that she was working to publish information in the local newspaper for Black History Month.  She stated that the theme was “African-Americans During Wartime.”

Mr. Reagan shared that several recent visitors to the museum had commented positively about the museum’s displays.

Before adjourning, the board discussed changing the monthly meeting time but took no action until other board members could be contacted.

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