Make Saturday, January 27 a Day to Remember!

By Larry Smith

Old Fort Parker is one of our treasures of Limestone County and it needs our help. We have an opportunity to help preserve this historic structure for future generations and the thousands of school children, Boy Scouts, families and many others who visit annually. Saturday, January 27 has been designated a workday by a group of volunteers who cherish the “Fort” as a permanent symbol of the settling of Texas and the people who made it happen. We can make it our day to remember by volunteering a little of our own time and talent to turn it into, not a workday, but a day to be part of preserving our history.


Do you know how to wield a hammer, hold a drill or simply hand tools to a professional? If you do, you can be a part of this worthy cause. There is painting to do, vines and plant growth to clip and trim in addition to the Fort itself. Tools needed include hammers, drills, hedge clippers or pruners, extension cords or extra batteries and clothes that fit the area you volunteer in.


Lunch will be served for volunteers. This is an occasion to see the Fort close up and be a part of preserving Limestone County history. Call 254-729-5253 to schedule your arrival, choose the area that suits your ability or talent and be ready to enjoy a few hours or a day among old and new friends who share your concerns and will appreciate your effort.

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