• Photo by Roxanne Thompson
    Volunteers from across the Mexia area make blue bows for the funeral procession of DPS Trooper Damon Allen at the Mexia Civic Center Wednesday night. Shown here, l-r, are Amy Ward, her granddaughter Cameryn Ward, 13, both of Mexia, their friend Emma Samford, of Groesbeck; and at right Tonya Barnett, of Mexia.
  • Photo by Roxanne Thompson
    The Mexia Civic Center is filled with volunteers on Wednesday, Nov. 29, making blue bows for Friday’s funeral of DPS Trooper Damon Allen. Shown here, clockwise from left, are Melanie Scott and Catherine McNew, both of Mexia, Pamela Whitt, of Freestone County, who worked with Allen for years, and Laura Rothrock and Marie Brooks, both of Mexia.
  • Photo by Roxanne Thompson
    Even the stage of the Mexia Civic Center was utilized on Wednesday, Nov. 29, to place tables for making blue bows for Friday’s funeral of DPS Trooper Damon Allen. The Trooper was shot and killed during a traffic stop on Thanksgiving Day, leaving many distressed and saddened, and looking for a way to express their love and care for the man and his family. Shown here, l-r, are Debbie Beil, Alysa Carrizales, her mother, Shantell Carrizales and Dixie Hoover.

Volunteers make bows to line Trooper funeral route

By Roxanne Thompson, Staff Writer

The Mexia Civic Center was filled with volunteers, tables and what seemed like miles of ribbon Wednesday, as people of the community came together to make big blue bows to line the funeral procession of DPS Trooper Damon Allen Friday.

In the wake of Allen’s shooting death on Thanksgiving Day, many Mexia residents have expressed sadness, distress and a desire to do something to at least show their love and care for the man and his family.

The idea for making bows to line the funeral route originated with Trudy Cain, who saw Allen’s patrol car lovingly covered with bows at the Freestone County courthouse for a prayer vigil last Sunday.

“When I saw the Trooper car with the bows,” Cain said, “immediately I thought, ‘Well, we need to do that here.’ I saw his car parked on the highway, and I thought, ‘He’s our hometown boy; we’ve got to do something if we can honor him.’”

Cain approached Mexia Mayor Richard Duncan with her idea, and Duncan took the idea and ran with it.

“What started with a suggestion from Trudy Cain has turned into a really neat event,” Duncan said, “with the people of Mexia coming together for a great cause. In a time of tragedy, there are no words; there is nothing you can really say. We all have our own way of grieving, and this is helping us grieve. This is letting us do something; we feel like we’re a part of something. And hopefully it will make a big impact on the family when they drive by Friday and see that the people of Mexia love them and are so sorry.”

A donor who requested anonymity paid for most of the ribbon, and a call was put out for volunteers to help in this labor of love.

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