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Hummingbirds Zip Around LS Ranch, Onlookers Welcome

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer,

Larry Smith has been feeding hummingbirds for the past three years at his ranch outside Groesbeck city limits. This year, he has seen dozens of hummingbirds whizzing around and using the feeders, so he is opening the gate of his ranch for anyone who wants to see them before they continue their southerly migration.

“If you have never observed this phenomenon or just enjoy watching these little winged wizards, you are invited out to the LS Ranch to watch as they jockey for position at the 10 feeders,” Smith said. “Early morning and late afternoon are the favorite times for dozens to appear. There is available seating on the deck for a dozen admirers. Mornings are cool but the evenings are still warm, so a bottle of cold water is a good idea.”


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