Catholic Corner Rendering to God and to Caesar

By St. Mary's Catholic Church, Mexia

If we believe in an afterlife where we will be held accountable for our actions, then that belief has very practical implications for our choices in this world.

For Christians, the trinity of virtues we call faith, hope, and charity should shape everything we do, both privately and in our public lives. Faith in God gives us hope in eternal life. Hope casts out fear and enables us to love. And the love of God and other human persons - the virtue of charity - is the animating spirit of all authentically Christian political action. By love it doesn’t mean love in a sentimental or indulgent sense, the kind of empty love that offers “tolerance” as an alibi for inaction in the fear of evil. It means love in the Christian sense; love with a heart of courage, love determined to build justice in society and focused on the true good of the whole human person, body and soul.

Human progress means more than getting more stuff, more entitlements, and more personal license. Real progress always includes man’s spiritual nature. Real progress satisfies the human hunger for solidarity and communion.

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