Catholic Corner - Unity with Christ Will Transform Your Life

By St. Mary's Catholic Church, Mexia

During a recent address Pope Francis focused on the parable of the vine and the branches, saying that it reveals the importance of uniting oneself to Jesus, who changes how we live.

“Jesus is the life, and through him - like sap in a tree - the love of the same God, of the Holy Spirit, passes to the branches. We receive a new way of being. The life of Christ becomes our own: We are able to think like him, act like him, to see the world and things with the eyes of Jesus.” As a result of this union, we are better able to love others, “beginning with the poorest and those who suffer, with his heart and bring into the world the fruits of goodness, charity and peace,” he said.

Already getting close to his passion and death, Jesus wanted to stress to his disciples the importance of staying in communion with him, the Pope said. Even though he wouldn’t be with them physically, Jesus would be with them in a new way that would bear a lot of fruit. However, if the disciples lost communion with the Lord, they would become “sterile” and damage the community.          

In the parable Jesus gives, “the branches are not self-sufficient, but depend totally on the vine, in which the source of their life is found. This is how it is for us Christians,” the Pope said.

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