Groesbeck native, Green Beret John Wayne Walding to be guest on New Online Talk Show “America’s Finest”

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TEXAS – October 17 2017 – Breaking Records Media announced today that viewers will be the first to see the acclaimed new talk show, “America’s Finest ” hosted by Alexis Bloomer online  on October 20, 2017. The new series will premiere through the Breaking Records Media website on 20th October at 6pm, exclusively to online viewers.


“America’s Finest” will promote the American dream and achieving success despite adversity. Inspired by everyday American’s who never gave up, “America’s Finest” is a refreshing new take on American pride. The first episode centers on an American hero, John Wayne Walding, who lost his leg in a six-hour fire fight in the desolate mountains of Shok Valley. His story of valor and optimism is sure to grasp the heartstrings of Americans.


The series was produced by journalist, Alexis Bloomer who said, “Right now in America, we have so much division, I want to use this platform to promote unity and tell stories that still promote everything that is astounding about America. Our country has some of the finest citizens, imagine if we could highlight their accolades rather than promote division. This new show will encourage everyone to be the finest American and hopefully it will change the conversation.” 


For more information, please visit Visit on Friday at 6:00pm to watch the first episode of “America’s Finest."


John Wayne Walding      

John Wayne Walding is a 1999 graduate of Groesbeck High School, Walding, who was named after the famous actor, John Wayne, was born July 4th and was raised by his grandparents, Grace and Sam Walding, who lived in the Old Union area. John was active in Groesbeck football, baseball and was a member in the band. After graduation, Walding served 12 years in the U.S. Army with seven of those years being in the 3rd Special Forces. His military training includes Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, Special Forces Advanced Urban Combat Course, 3rd SFG Advanced Sniper Course, Special Forces Qualification Course, and Airborne and Air Assault Training. Staff Sgt. Walding has to- date received many awards including the Silver Star, Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Combat Infantry Badge, Airborne Air Assault Badge and Special Forces Badge.


While serving in Afghanistan on April 6, 2009, he lost the lower half of his right leg to sniper fire during an operation in the infamous Shok Valley battle. After being shot in the knee area, Walding tied his own nearly severed leg to his thigh and began his descent as he and his squadron were near the edge of a cliff and their only option was to descend down the cliff to safety. Walding and his squadron were successful in bringing everyone off that mountain despite the tremendous odds they faced. Walding later had to have his right leg amputated from his wound during that battle. Walding and his squadron participated in several battles but the best well known is that of the Shok Valley battle.


Walding attended the Special Forces Sniper School, and he became the first amputee to become a Green Beret sniper. Walding, who is now out of the Army, competes in marathons and has run in both the Boston and New York Marathons. He lives in Dallas with his wife, Amy and four children, Emma, Sam, Andie, and Hannah. Walding, operates a gun business called “5 Toes Custom” that builds handcrafted precision rifles and donates a portion of the profits to deserving charities, including combat wounded veterans. To find out more information on his business and donation opportunities please visit

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